Discussions about Communism and Capitalism

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readOct 14, 2020


Opinion from the Internet about Human nature, if it is more Communistic our Capitalistic by default:

“I acknowledge genetics, but I prioritise behaviour as the primary driver of progress.
The human values (& of animals) are Communist ~ Community - we are all social(ist).
We/people have been trained to think survival (capitalistic) mode when we are threatened by the few greedy for power/money.
When that condition is removed, we have no reason to feel threatened as among family/friends. Even the animals (monkey experiment) understand justice. With justice taken off we think how to take advantage of the gaps of the unjust Systems that were going through stages of Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism, modern mix of Capitalism with Socialist sweeteners to survive (but still elements of the previous slavery/feudalism).
I do not understand Capitalism in my behaviour - ready for Communism (experienced the YU model, various capitalist models & observing interdependent Chinese).
No need for definite model as it can always be refined based on evolutionary experience & feedback from environment/nature.
What China does is not Free market economy (oxymoron) - Market=Financial is 1 dimensional, Free is holistic (multi Dim).
If you play the Capitalist game you accept their status quo competing financially (no chance to win). China is using planned economy & that’s huge difference. They plan the system to serve all, not for who is currently stronger because of inheritance or dirty games.
They let people play capitalist games to understand the other system, but not allowing them to interfere with the leadership process. Even including them for consultancy. That’s smart & controlled.
Ther are many challenges. China is huge & very traditional to be fully flexible. But they TRUST the government & that is the key (of my philosophical model).
“All we need is LOVE” & TRUST it the core/necessity of love (with other elements/colours). Too much privacy/security is what distracts us from TRUST & that keeps Capitalism alive. Until we align our values to the common goal for system harmony, we cannot progress as System. Individualism has place for adding more dimensions, but the essence of the System is TRUST. Communism (via Socialist stage) is the best model (still to define details) to practice that next stage. With our technical power we can leverage self-destruction by going individually in random/selfish directions. We neglected Philosophy (Science/Technology without Philosophy is blind)
In other words, it’s best to try to understand the System (nature) & work for/like System, not like Free Radicals (cancer) with freedom of speech only - Philosophy without science is empty (words).”

I agree that the main difference between our approaches is the notion, whether egoism (raw Capitalistic behavior/excessive consumption, selfish benefit at the expense of others) is rooted in Human nature, our it is a result of education, it is forced on us.

Here some very unique empirical scientists - who have been studying Human nature for millennia - state that the “Capitalistic Ego” is rooted in us. In fact that is the only difference between Human development and the development of other animals, most notably developed primates.

After all what is the difference between chimpanzees - who originate from the same root, from the same environmental conditions, have similar violent tendencies - and Humans?
They remained mostly unchanged for millions of years while we are probing the stars, built civilizations after civilizations as a result of a very special, egotistic self-awareness and an insatiable desire for exponentially growing selfish fulfillment.

While - as you rightly said - animals are Communistic, they never violate the rule of making calculations primarily for the sake of the whole system, instinctively keeping mutual integration, Humans have no concern our even comprehension about integration, calculations for others.

The whole Human history testifies to this. And if we look at the “social experiments” with mostly Capitalistic structures and Communistic ones, even the masses (of course there are individual variations) tolerate the Capitalistic system much longer, better than they tolerate communism, simply as selfish benefit, ruthless competition, succeeding at the expense of others is closer to our inner program.

While we might welcome the ideas of living as equals, making calculations for the sake of others, for the collective and receiving no profit, extra benefit for our work in theory, when it comes to implementation very soon we reject, abhor this.

What we need to understand that if it’s not evil.

We received this program from evolution for the sake of our unique Human development up to this point, and that now, at the peak of egotistic development we would recognize the self-destructive quality of the Ego so we would consciously, purposefully develop different, opposite qualities in order to complement, harness the Ego, to use its immense developing power for different, this time positive, collective goals, purpose.

We can’t change things on the structural, ideological, social level without understanding, recognizing and then changing, fine tuning our inner program, nature.

The love and trust we need to develop, accept - most importantly without any coercion, misleading propaganda - we have to acquire above and against our inherent ego, competitive inclinations. The Natural Communism we need to develop had to come to complement our inherent Capitalistic Ego, without suppressing, erasing it.

This is why we need a very unique, educational approach, utilizing Nature’s laws and evolutionary force for this task.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.