Discussion on Human purpose and the difference between Kabbalah and religion

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readNov 22, 2020

Opinion from the Internet about Humanity’s present state and its cause:

I love what you wrote in a previous post: “we are not living according to the strict natural laws that sustain a fragile balance and homeostasis (even in our own biological bodies) that life depends on. Thus it does not matter where we live, sooner or later we will make any place uninhabitable.”

I am really beginning to understand your ‘underlying premise’. Though I am still not riding the wave you are, I appreciate how you got there, and from that comes understanding.

In a certain sense it is this: ‘People are such numbskulls. They think they can just live on the planet however they want, and be impervious to nature.’ While you don’t say this, (I believe) it is the essence of what you say, and this much I agree upon wholeheartedly.

Ignoring nature won’t make it go away… it will make us go away.

Which is why I believe in God. God made all of this. God made nature for us to commune with, and cohabitate with. It is an interconnected relationship built right into the design. If you eliminate nature, there is no ‘society’. If you eliminate society, nature flourishes.

Why is that?

Perhaps it is because nature was put here on purpose, for a purpose. When we attempt to subvert that purpose, we lose. When we try to deny God, we also lose. The ideology is inextricably linked to our behavior and our potential. We are linked to nature, nature is linked to God. If you sever, at any point, mankind comes tumbling down.

We are our own worst enemies.

I think we are getting very close to a mutual picture, mutual understanding.

I think we both agree that there is a higher purpose, there is a higher plan that guides reality. At this point it is irrelevant if it comes from “God or from Natural evolution which we assume as a deterministic, intelligent plan. (The science of Kabbalah equates “God” with “Nature” based on their equal numeral value).

We both agree that the natural world, including Human society, we live in is a certain “playground” for us to learn, adjust ourselves to that “higher plan”, purpose.

By default Humans are unaware of this, by default we are opposite to what we should be, as instead of carrying Nature’s innate (godly) qualities of selfless altruism, unconditional service of others and the whole system, we are born egocentric, self-serving, subjective and we behave “like cancer”.


This is also part of the plan. We are not to blame for our original nature since we are born with it, Nature, evolution, God installed this nature in us. We are neither sinners, nor dumb, stupid. We are who we are by design.


We also have a unique Human intellect, to help us recognize that our inherent nature is going to lead us towards self-destruction as long as we blindly, instinctively remain incompatible with Nature.

And this recognition started to happen in our generation in more and more people. These people can - with the help of the right method study Nature in order to adjust, refund, upgrade themselves and then rebuild Humanity on Nature’s template. By that they can align themselves with the template - the natural world around us - which will then give us similarity with the higher plan, purpose, source.
Here religion and the unique, empirical scientific method I am proposing differs.

The scientific method proposes that we actually don’t need to believe in anything, we can tangibly, realistically change, upgrade ourselves to such an extent, that we will become similar to the original plan, source and by that feel “it” directly. And since we achieve this against our original nature, by our own efforts, consciously, there is no mysticism, blind belief in this, but verifiable, conscious attainment through comparative research.

Thus the present attempt to survive the engulfing global crisis that threatens our physical survival is in fact I only a step in the right direction, a “side effect” of a much greater, higher process, our development towards our evolutionary Human purpose: to become similar to Nature, our life-giving source, or “God” if you like.

This is actually the meaning of the notion “Human” - Adam in Hebrew, from the expression “similar”.

Thus evening depends on consciously, methodically changing ourselves - if we are ready and willing as there is no place for coercion in this. This also explains why “Tikkun Olam” (correcting the world) is primarily “Tikkun Adam” (correcting the Human being).




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.