Discussion about reaching the right majority opinion in society that will lead us forward

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readOct 24, 2020


Question from the Internet:

“If in today’s society everybody is brainwashed and manipulates then what’s the point? What’s the correct option, collective opinion? Is there a way to get a correct option or is the execution of the choice always going to remain defiled by other influences?”

The correct option is the right education, right societal influence, when people are finally “unplugged from the Matrix”.

We need people who can think for themselves independently, evaluate undistorted data, information critically. Then between such strong, unique individuals we can create a right - “circular” - conditions, where through special round table discussions - which can be conducted in small or large masses of people alike - they can build a unique, mutual, composite opinion, which will become the correct option.

This is of course a gradual process, but we need to implement the right education, preparation right now, alongside the inevitable demise of the present, false, unsustainable Human society.

Follow-up question:

“But that seems impossible process to control and guide over time as humans are so different, vast, etc. And it never worked before so why would it work for us now? What makes us the exception from the pattern of history? What will we do?”

Very good questions actually. The difference is two-fold.

1.We have never been in such a desperately helpless state that we are in today. We had crisis situations, the collapse of civilizations, but by the time civilizations, systems collapsed we already had a glimpse towards a next, more developed state, we already h some new ideology, concept pointing forward.

Even a few decades ago we still looked towards the future, trying this, trying that, perhaps colonizing planets with anticipation. Today we are stuck in such a dead-end, where from we don’t see any better, anything attractive towards the future. If anything we fear the future and don’t even want to look at it, we run back nostalgically into the past.

After all this time we failed with the system - liberal, parliamentary democracy, free market capitalism - which seemed most suited for us based on all the historic experience with different governing, economic and social systems. But the inherently egotistic, individualistic, exploitative Human ego distorts, corrupts everything.

Besides we are facing such global challenges - with the pandemic, climate change, other natural phenomena coupled with our self-inflicted problems like antibiotic overuse, pollution, destroying forests and other crucial parts of Nature that is indispensable for Human life - that we simply have no answer for, all our technological, scientific achievements amount to nothing.

2.We have a very unique, purposeful and highly practical, scientific and educational method that was prepared exactly for this occasion, era, when Human beings lose their foolish pride, sense of superiority, and become open to the idea of self-change, self-upgrade.

So on one hand the sense of imminent doom pushes us while the ability to change ourselves and through such self-change start solving problems and reach a qualitatively much higher level of collective existence is unique for our generation. And the fact that we are so different, uniquely individualistic, that we instinctively distrust and even hate each other is not a problem. This will be for our advantage.

The above mentioned method is specifically designed to build Human connections, the previously mentioned composite opinion, collective consciousness, collective intelligence above and against the differences, rejection. It is specifically this tension, contrast that will give us our unparalleled Human ability to understand Nature’s system and also ourselves, in the comparative research between extreme opposites like unity/rejection, hate/love, selfish reception/selfless bestowal.

So we are in the best possible state today, where we had to reach according to evolution's deterministic plan, at the start of Humanity’s conscious, proactive, methodical development after the millennia-long blind, instinctive, egotistic development.

And we don’t need all 8 billion people to come to this conclusion all at once. It is enough of an already aware, sensitive “critical mass” (about 15–20 % of any actual population) starts the process. As they develop, improve their condition they will easily recruit, pull the rest behind them as the general state of Human society inevitably continues to decline.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.