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Zsolt Hermann
3 min readNov 10, 2020


Opinion from the Internet:

You wrote, ‘We are driven by insatiable desires for excessive, selfish fulfilment at all cost - mostly at the expense of others”.

Not everyone, thankfully, but too many of the ambitious and aggressive are accorded deference and adulation as they compete to enhance their appeal to and exploitation of civil society.

The ambitious and aggressive compete and combine in order to encourage State authority figures to forswear equity in order to promote their self-serving agendas which cannot be effectively resisted by a polity, the bulk of which are passive/submissive, an attitude fostered in the majority of humanity because of the refusal of civilised populations to recognise that their inalienable right to life is predicated on an inalienable right to property in the Earth (that their distant ‘primitive’ ancestors enjoyed), and because there is no constitutional guarantee of that ancient liberty there is no legal means of challenging threats to their uninhibited access to the necessities of life that a genuine commitment to a right to life predicates they should have.

The hoi polloi show little meaningful interest (but do engage in occasional flippant invective and occasional incoherent violence) in the machinations of exceptional individuals and organised personalities thus allowing vested interests to control the State by default.

As George Monboit, (UK, C21st) observed, ‘The corporations are only powerful because we [our representatives] have allowed them to be. In [democratic] theory it is we, not they who mandate the State.

But we [the electorate] have neglected our duty of citizenship, and they [the public and private corporate community] have taken advantage of our neglect to seize the reins of government, their power is an artefact of our acquiescence [in our continued disarticulation from a property interest in the common domain - the denial of individuals’ and their posterity’s birthright in the territory encompassed by the State].’

Obviously I don’t want to convince you about the true, inner, instinctive nature, desires, intentions that drive all of us - although what I wrote is the conclusion of the millennia-long empirical research of Human nature.

We all need to study and understand ourselves, to recognise the “engine” that drives us by ourselves without any coercion.

So let’s say Human society right now is controlled by the most egotistic, selfish, most ambitious people, driving all of us towards the cliff’s edge by their reckless fight, ruthless competition for profit and power.

I agree with Monboit that we can disconnect from the “Matrix” if we want, but it is not that simple.

The reason we are not so willing to disconnect because we are also selfish, egotistic and hope to collect something for ourselves from the available selfish profit, power. This is why we all admire the rich and famous, dreaming of beginning similar to them. And although new leaders, hopeful prospects might start as humble, caring, progressive and liberal, the closer they get to power the more they need to justify themselves the more they turn into those who they replaced.

The way to disconnect from the “Matrix” is by building a very different, completely new environments, societies that are based on the opposite, truly altruistic, selfless values Nature works on. And that is opposite to our original nature thus we need to gradually, methodically learn, accept such values over and against our original ones.

Without such gradual, meticulous, difficult preparation we will never be able to build different societies, we will continue helplessly run around from right to left and then left to right, and it doesn’t matter what politicians, parties, ideologies, economies we choose, use.

Without changing the Human nature that drives us - all of us - we will continue to fail until we completely self-destruct.

Today we are in a very good state where the vast historic experience and our own generation can prove this so more and more people are ready for the necessary changes - changing themselves first of all!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.