Discussion about freedom and Communism

“Opinion from the Internet about Human freedom, different social systems:”

In historical social systems, every stage releases 1 more freedom. Slavery is physical restriction - you are owned.
Feudalism is possetion resriction - land is not owned by you.
Capitalism is means of production restriction - the capital is restricted to few on top.
Socialism (transition to communism & each stage contains elements of all previous) - the mentality is still restricted to owning something & not being accountable for the System we are in - low maturity.
Therefore, Socialism provides more freedom (experienced in Yugoslavia ~<1980s). Without maturity/support, it’s like left alone among predators (eaten by surviving Capitalism).
Lenin paraphrased - If we wait for the people to mature & understand it will take another 500 years. We want to see what could happen now.
It needed hard work & control to keep the principles for some time. The people did not mature fast enough & all was spoiled with high pressure from the Western.
Native’s philosophy: We do not possess the land. The land (environment) possesses us - we all go back there when we die.
Selfishness is behaviour. The (higher) values come from philosophy & still wrong that we have to possess physical to be happy/safe.
It’s the love & TRUST (the main component of love) that is the most important to be able to understand the System Thinking.
“I’m considered genius as I think few times per week” :)

Thank you for the systemic, didactic description.

The reason Communism has failed was that those leaders tried to force a system on others that is against the inherently individualistic, egocentric, self-serving, subjective Human nature.

Thus instead of freedom it has become terror.

Since Lenin didn’t want to wait for people to be ready and forced a system on them they weren’t ready for, he created such a negative example that pushed back the proper implementation of an equal, fair society - similar but not equal to Communism - for a long time.

It had nothing to do with pressure from the West. If it was truly a much better system than Capitalism people wouldn’t have been yearning to escape Communism for the “freedom” offered from the Western lifestyle. One doesn’t escape a good, fulfilling system they live happily in, for a worse life just to drink Coca-Cola and listen to uncensored pop music or watch Hollywood movies.

True freedom - with its new societal, economic system we don’t know yet - will unfold only, when we learn how to rise above, liberate ourselves from the true “slave master”: our selfish egos that force us to think, calculate, cater, work, accumulate everything only for ourselves while oppressing, exploiting others.

“Selfishness” is not a choice, we are born like this. This also means that it’s not a sin, it is not evil, this is who we are. This also gives us the above mentioned true free choice in changing ourselves when we recognized the desires, intentions, forces that drive us.
And such a change can unfold and become sustainable only when it is done without coercion, through positive motivation, positive examples, when people join willingly through free choice as they know they choose a better life as a result.

For that we need the right conditions and the right, purposeful and highly practical educational method which gives not only knowledge and understanding, but immediate, positive emotional impressions.


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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.