Digging a well…to find the fountain of life

Zsolt Hermann
6 min readMay 14, 2020

Surrounded by invisible forces

We dig wells in order to find water that can give us life. If we are lucky, after a while we “hit the jackpot” and water bursts through.

Those people who can rise at least a bit above the daily concerns about necessities — above the usual desires keeping us engaged like food, sex, family, wealth, power, and knowledge — they develop a sense that behind everything we can observe, feel in reality around us there is a force-field, that keeps our world existing, developing.

Scientists are searching for the force-field, or “standard model”, “theory of everything” that could bundle together all the known forces of the Universe, explain the direction, flow of evolution, why natural laws behave, operate the way they do, and whether we have any control over these laws, forces we can only detect, measure by their influence on us although we do not know what they are where they originate from.

After all, we do not really know what electricity, magnetic, gravitational force, weak and strong nuclear forces are, we can’t touch, trace them at all. We can measure their effects, influence, we can make them work through appropriate instruments. But we all agree these forces exist, after all, we can detect their influence on us, on the systems, instruments, machines we build to interact with them.

At the same time we see that we exist, “live” in a world, in a Natural Universe that also exists, lives, moreover developed from the Big Bang towards an ever-increasing diversity and integration at the same time.

But what is the force, plan, idea, purpose behind all of this — we do not know.

Nature’s primordial, “Motherly, evolutionary force”

All our instruments that detect, measure the known forces are based on the same principle — they have to be sensitive, suitable for detecting the forces they measure, they have to be built on the assumed similarity with those forces so according to the similarity, matching frequency they could then interact with those forces and measure, gauge their actions on them.

There exist very unique, original, empirical scientists of Nature, who claim that they managed to detect, measure the actual, “primordial” force that preceded all other known forces, the force that brought evolution into motion. These scientists claim that we can build an instrument that is capable of detecting the force which initiated life in the Universe and keeps sustaining and nurturing this life like an “original, primordial Mother” that is behind everything we can detect in reality.

These unique scientists claim that this unique force — though being a Natural force — acts like a “Mother”, with a singular desire, need to give life and provide that life with everything it needs without any other “selfish”, “personal” intention, purpose. This means that our Universe exists as a certain need arose in “Nature”, in the vacuum our Universe exists in, to bring to life a relentlessly, constantly developing Natural system which can then give birth to conscious life that can enjoy, appreciate this life.

When can we understand, appreciate what our parents did for us? Only when we ourselves become parents when we start acting similarly towards our own children. Then even the negative memories, experiences of childhood can turn into positive ones — in a good, classical case scenario — since then we fully understand why our parents had to behave exactly the way they behaved for our own good.

Now, the above mentioned unique, empirical Natural scientists are suggesting that the all-encompassing force behind Natural reality is best characterized by the “motherly quality” of endless, unconditional, insatiable, and irrepressible love, service towards everything that exists in its system.

Building the right instrument

Thus in order to detect, measure, understand this force we would need to build an instrument that is built on the same qualities, characteristics. And out of all the particles, elements, living creatures found in the Universe only Human beings are capable of purposefully, methodically, independently build such an instrument — out of themselves.

The inanimate, vegetative and animate levels in Nature are already, instinctively embedded, integrated into the system, perfectly flowing with its “circle of life” without actually being conscious about it. While the “motherly love” Human mothers also feel is similar to the notion the unique scientists depict, it is also instinctive, without any conscious effort from the mothers’ part.

In order to build a scientific vessel, an instrument, it needs to be built on resistance, on the ability of comparative research, measuring contrast.

Thus the unique device that is designed to detect Nature’s single, all-encompassing life-giving force has to be built out of a group of inherently self-serving, self-justifying, self-protective, egotistic and hateful human beings, that commit themselves in a closed environment to build selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving, loving relationships with each other, in order to detect Nature’s single governing, “loving” force as a result of acquired similarity!

These people — despite having absolutely no natural, instinctive relationship, attraction towards one another — have to start investing all their efforts into building a special unity, where they all try annulling their selves, instinctive pride, superiority through various exercises, mutual actions in order to reach a completely unprecedented, pure, selfless, altruistic “brotherly love” towards each other — while their instinctive ego constantly grows, protests, rages, trying everything to stop them in their efforts.

Finding the “Force of Life” — that wants to be found

The previously, oft mentioned scientists tell us a very unique thing: this singular, Natural force wants to be found! In other words, our unique, evolutionary Human purpose in life is to search and actually detect, sense, attain the source that gave us life through the Natural Universe.

This is not so preposterous as it sounds. After all, we could not have identified, revealed, attained anything in nature unless Nature wanted us to find and use those things we revealed. We like to be very proud of ourselves but in truth, we are going through a unique, cosmic educational process all through history, Nature’s system gradually revealing itself to us, providing the invisible invitations and opportunities — through our instincts — to follow its lead in this “hide and seek” game.

Thus this Natural force “that wants to be found” immediately starts to support, assist, augment our efforts as soon as we commit ourselves to put 100% effort into finding it through the special unity against our egos.

Only this Natural assistance can actually help us balance the incredibly strong and unyielding egos we are born with.

And with this, we are back at digging the well. The more we dig into our egos, making all possible efforts towards the special, selfless, altruistic unity, increasing the mutual work with each renewed attack, the resistance of the ego fighting against us, the closer we get to a special breaking point. At that point — as a result of all the efforts we invested, making reaching the unity and sensing nature’s singular, life-giving force through similarity the utmost important thing in our lives — we reach the point of “even death is better than living without reaching the goal”.

This is a sense only distraught mothers feel in our world, sensing themselves completely broken next to their sick child, unable to give more to help them, feeling desperately helpless why watching their children suffer. It is reaching this all-consuming “motherly” suffering — that burns all other sensations, states, goals, thoughts — that constitutes the turning point.

This “suffering of love”, superhuman determination paralyzes one’s ego (fighting for its existence by not interfering), allowing us to dig just a little bit deeper, reaching the unprecedented mutual connection, sense of unity where each individual simply disappears, dissolves into the collective. And as a result, the “water”, the “fountain” bursts through.

Through the reached similarity we immediately start consciously, tangibly sensing nature’s life-giving force, grabbed, taken, absorbed by Nature’s “circle of life”, entering a completely new, infinite, eternal dimension of existence — while still existing as we are in our biological body, also sensing this limited, egocentric and subjective perception at the same time as a necessary contrast for verification, justification.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.