Desperately drowning in ourselves

Locked into ourselves

By default, we take it for granted that the world we exist in is real. But it is not.

The world we see around ourselves is literally the “figment of our imagination”. We are born with an inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness, and perception of reality.

Everything we see, hear, taste, attain is 100% personal, introverted. Our sensory organs are attuned personally and the personal computer that interprets what we gather from the “outside world” (if it exists) is also completely personal, only making calculations for a self-centered “pleasure/pain” software.

We are like a “black hole” drawing everything towards ourselves and then we filter a small morsel out of all the data, that serves our actual, day to day survival while we discard everything else.

The people we supposedly see or know are distorted cartoon characters of “real people’ (if they exist), distorted, redrawn for our own consumption to see them as it fits our own agenda, comfort, pleasure — mostly in a negative light so we can make ourselves better, higher, stronger, more clever and intelligent than anybody else.

Living a lifeless “life”

We are locked into ourselves and we can’t even call this “life” true existence, as in our limited, personnel bubbles we are disconnected, separated from all the others, like those in Plato’s Cave. True life, existence is the positive circulation, communication between particle, elements of closed, living, Natural systems.

In our present form, we are not generating, sustaining such positive circulation, communication between us as all of us are end stations, personal black holes, pulling towards ourselves what we need, what we can acquire.

Inviting people out of Plato’s Cave

This is something that is very difficult to explain and make people listen to. The notion that we have been living in an illusory, unreal world for all our lives is exactly as intolerable as the notion of being a simple battery in the Matrix as the Neo character learned in the famous movie after he was disconnected from the Matrix against his will.

Just as in the Plato’s Cave parallel probably people are happier “killing the messenger” and remain oblivious, ignorant to the fact of existing in the Matrix, as the notion of living an unreal life, the difficult transition to exit the personal cave and to learn how to live in the real world is incomprehensible for most.

Only those would listen to the truth who already feel choking, suffocating in their own egocentric, subjective bubble, who feel that they simply have to break out, escape, otherwise their “life” has no meaning. Only such people are ready to go through the process of “disconnection/rebirth”, exiting their subjective, egotistic illusion towards a selfless, truly objective, real existence.

Accessing “real life” through the desires, viewpoints of others

This transition requires a very unique, purposeful, educational method, that provides the opportunity for a person to cut all ties, anchors that keep the person “underwater”, drowning in one’s own introverted reality. This method allows people to learn to sense, taste, attain reality through the needs, desires, viewpoints of other people by completely annulling themselves towards each other in mutually committed, mutually supportive, and complementing small environments.

Through their relentless efforts to annul themselves towards one another — above and despite the incessant protest, the resistance of their inherent egos — these unique people can open a completely new dimension of perception. Instead of the original, limited, personal, subjective viewpoint, they all acquire a completely selfless, multi-angle, unlimited “holographic” viewpoint of reality, that is detached from any of the egocentric, subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion.

This is when they poke their heads “above water” for the first time in their lives, breathing free air, sensing life a unique circulation, communication streaming through them as a result of the connection network they have built with each other in that special environment.