Crossing over to an “Out of Body” existence

In a forced rehab

The COVID19 pandemic and the quarantine acted as an involuntary, forced “rehab” for all of us.

And if we were hoping that after the quarantine we could return to “life before”, the next rude awakening comes: as a result of the unfolding, unprecedented, unstoppable socio-economic meltdown, most of the things we took for granted before will disappear from our lives for good!

Billions of people will remain without employment, while even the usual “circus and bread” entertainment we used to numb and dumb ourselves with will be a very thin, weak version of the old one, as most of the entertainment and professional sporting industry will also disappear from the horizon.

Many people are already on the verge of depression, feeling like fish out of water simply because they can’t travel to their planned holiday destinations, can’t buy their usual gadgets, clothing, while most of the usual system is slowly, hopefully restarting.

It’s impossible to imagine how people will feel when the full extent of the crisis and forced changes become clear to all! They will truly feel suffocated, imprisoned without the usual “Matrix” they have lived in so far.

Moreover, none of the present leaders, “experts”, “advisors” have any idea how to handle the crisis, what to do with the billions of people without jobs and having difficulties to cater for their natural necessities, while being without the usual numbing, dumbing brainwash! The growing frustration will spoil on the streets, creating unpredictable, very volatile situations anybody can easily exploit for their own agendas.

Unfortunately the usual “historic solution” for such dead-end, hopeless states is usually war. But even the most warmongering leaders know very well, that a large scale war in our days -with all the weapons of mad destruction available — can quickly become uncontrollable, leading to the wipe-out of most of Humanity without distinction.

Nature pushing us towards a new, anti-egotistic type of existence

Our previous life that was based on the unstoppable search for the selfish fulfillment of our constantly growing egoistic desires is over. Our inherently egoistic, self-serving, exploitative paradigm has run out of options as Nature’s system is now demanding us to shift to a completely different form of development, which is not about the egotistic individual, but it is about the whole, mutually integrated collective.

Nature is “telling us” through multiple signs, that according to the Natural laws of integration we must align with, from now on our “fulfillment” means fulfilling the needs of the collective, as in a closed, integral, living system we can only survive, find our necessities, if we make sure that the others survive and have their fulfillment first!

This is how Nature’s integral system operates, this is how our own biological body remains healthy and survives. And now — as integral parts of the Natural system — we also have to adapt to Nature’s template if we want to survive. Otherwise, we remain incompatible with Nature’s plan of development.

This means that we won’t be able to draw towards ourselves anything beyond true, healthy, natural necessities that are only needed so we can all perform our unique, positive “cogwheel” role towards the whole, as it happens in any other part of the Natural universe. I have the right to exist only to the extent I fulfill this predetermined, Human cogwheel role in Nature’s system!

At the same time, this is completely against our inherently egocentric, individualistic nature! Such an arrangement — described in the principle of “love others as yourself” — feels literally like “death” for our selfish egos that have been driving us all through life!

The pandemic and the way we “handled it”, the unstoppable crisis that affects all levels of Human activity has proven that by following our instinctive egos we will self-destruct within our generation. There is no way back to the old way of life.

In an unprecedented state

But we have no idea where else we could go since our inherent program contains only the usual, selfish calculations based on egotistic pleasures and personal pain/suffering, we don’t know any other way of existence! And the way of life Nature expects from us is revolting, intolerable for us according to our original program!

We are in the exact situation the symbolic story of the Exodus in the Torah describes, when the “runaway” Hebrew slaves find themselves against the raging, stormy sea they would need to cross with the Pharaoh’s raging army behind them.

So how can we ourselves “cross the sea” towards an existence which we have no precedence for, desire for, and is actually “death” to our original egotistic, individualistic, exploitative program?!

One option is to wait for such intolerable suffering from the worsening crisis situations, wars, financial and economic collapse, or Natural disasters, that the incredible collective pain will convince us to run from the “Pharaoh” (our inherent ego) into the “raging sea” (altruistic, collective existence) even if we don’t know, don’t desire what’s “on the other side”, like people jumping out of the burning Twin Towers in NY from the 100th floor in September 2001, just to survive a couple of minutes longer until they hit the ground.

The other — better — option is to make this fateful transition in a unique “laboratory”, where we can go through the sharp, incredible and unprecedented “inner crossing” without the need for physical suffering, enduring external crisis, wars.

Learning to Love

In order to do so, we need to learn how to actually implement the principle of “love others as yourself” — which in truth means “love others more than yourself”.

From our inherently egotistic point of view, this is an extremely cruel, “inhuman” demand from Nature’s evolution.

This is purposeful. If the necessary transition would not be so cruel, “like death” for the ego, if the ego would enjoy, benefit anything from the new state, we would never be able to cut all the ties, anchors that chain us to the hateful, selfish and destructive power we are born with. And according to Nature’s demand, we need to “cross over” to a completely selfless, altruistic state to facilitate the necessary natural integration.

It is this “superhuman” — above inherent nature — transition, mutual integration that we need to achieve in the special “laboratory”.

The connection, integration we are talking about here has no resemblance to any connection, union, the cooperation we know from our usual lives. Any connection, relationship, “love” we know from our life is still egoistic, self-serving. We would simply have no ability to do anything for another if we ourselves did not benefit from that action. Our inherent program simply would not provide any fuel, motivation for it.

Thus the “love” we need to achieve is also beyond anything we can present imagine, perform. Still, we have a few examples we can use to demonstrate.

“True Love” is a state when the “lover” disappears, dissolves into the desires, needs of the “beloved”, fulfilling those other desires, needs according to the viewpoint of the “beloved” without any subjective, egocentric calculations, distortions. The “lover” is like an invisible facilitator, only existing for facilitating the fulfillment of the “beloved”.

In our world, we can find a few remotely similar examples when one’s own existence is “suspended” to take care of another. The most obvious example is the mother that cares for her child, especially when the child is not well, in which time the mother stops sensing her own hunger, pain, tiredness being completely absorbed into caring for the child. Sometimes, doctors, surgeons can also become so absorbed into caring for their patients, performing crucial operations that they do not feel themselves, even if they were sick, had aches, pains, had to go to toilette beforehand, it all disappears and such sensations return only when the operation is finished. This means that for that time the others one is caring for have become more important than the person oneself. As a result, one existed through those others as if oneself did not exist!

Of course in all such examples, we can still find an egotistic intent, interest.

Now Nature’s evolution demands us to transition to such a state when we permanently exist in the state of this “True Love”, and even — especially — towards those who we have no familial, friendly, or any other selfish relationship with! This is the “Love” we need to implement in the unique laboratories so later we could apply it to all.

Finally crossing over

The final result of this process is that our “observer”, our point of consciousness crosses over from the inherently egoistic, self-serving, self-justifying self to “outside of the self”, dissolving into the desires, needs, viewpoints of everybody else, sensing, experiencing, perceiving through those others who become one’s sensors.

Thus in the unique laboratory, the mutually committed, mutually complementing members of the circle have to perform such mutual, collective activities, efforts that constantly raise the importance of the “love of others” while lowering the importance of the inherent “self-love”. The end of the process is a total “meltdown”, deadlock, when loses any previous selfish, egotistic motivation, fuel, while one still remains incapable of truly “Loving” those others as no new fuel, motivation awakened.

The person approaching this threshold senses all kinds of difficulties, physical and mental alike, as if approaching “zero gravity”, an airless, matter-less, dark vacuum where nothing exists. But since the members of the unique circle kept on pulling, pushing each other with the mutual efforts, using even the “so-called” negative characteristics of envy, jealousy, desire for more, desire for respect to prod, inspire, provoke one another, this mutually generated momentum pushes them over the limits of (egotistic) Human ability into that vacuum.

This unprecedented vacuum is the true moment of free choice, a very fragile state that defines the fate of those reaching it. And again only the mutual atmosphere, mutual support can help people to choose the total unknown of selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and love of others, instead of choosing to return to the “devil we know” — under the rulership of the “Pharaoh” — our ego.

Those who can choose to cross over — with each other’s help — lose their selves, but gain a completely new, qualitatively much higher, “composite” consciousness and perceptions composed of all the desires, thoughts, needs and viewpoints of others “outside of the self”, opening an infinite, eternal dimension of reality. And the more people one can connect to oneself in this selfless, altruistic manner, the greater the depth, resolution of the new “quantum dimension” becomes.




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