Crossing over to an “Out of Body” existence

In a forced rehab

The COVID19 pandemic and the quarantine acted as an involuntary, forced “rehab” for all of us.

Nature pushing us towards a new, anti-egotistic type of existence

Our previous life that was based on the unstoppable search for the selfish fulfillment of our constantly growing egoistic desires is over. Our inherently egoistic, self-serving, exploitative paradigm has run out of options as Nature’s system is now demanding us to shift to a completely different form of development, which is not about the egotistic individual, but it is about the whole, mutually integrated collective.

In an unprecedented state

But we have no idea where else we could go since our inherent program contains only the usual, selfish calculations based on egotistic pleasures and personal pain/suffering, we don’t know any other way of existence! And the way of life Nature expects from us is revolting, intolerable for us according to our original program!

Learning to Love

In order to do so, we need to learn how to actually implement the principle of “love others as yourself” — which in truth means “love others more than yourself”.

Finally crossing over

The final result of this process is that our “observer”, our point of consciousness crosses over from the inherently egoistic, self-serving, self-justifying self to “outside of the self”, dissolving into the desires, needs, viewpoints of everybody else, sensing, experiencing, perceiving through those others who become one’s sensors.