Creating a new “normal”

Humanity will have to create a new “normal” to progress towards to instead of returning to the “pre-Coronavirus” state.

First of all, even if we wanted we can’t go back to the “pre-Coronavirus” state. Our socio-economic system was already declining, we were already heading towards crisis, unemployment was increasing, the EU was falling apart and trade war, the oil-price war was brewing.

Thus whether we want it or not we will have to develop a new “normal”.

The question is where we take the template for this “normal” for?

If we continue building societies on our inherently egocentric, individualistic ideologies, calculations, with insatiable, excessive overproduction, overconsumption, succeeding at each other’s expense, we will just perpetuate the constant crisis, “fire-fighting”.

Thus the problem is not who is working, but what we work for, what our level of production/consumption is.

Thus the best template we could take is Nature’s perfect template of balance and homeostasis, living within the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources.

Then based on that we can reorganize the workforce and the distribution, while also taking from Nature the template of “fair distribution” as a result of mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnection, each contributing to the whole according to their conditions, abilities, receiving their reward, salaries accordingly.

If this is organized as a result of a unique, purposeful and practical educational method people would agree to join and contribute willingly, out of free choice, fully understanding that their success, health, and survival is intricately intertwined with the success, health, and survival of the whole — being integral parts of Nature’s all-encompassing system as a single species.

And those who for the time being do not agree can continue with their artificial, egotistic system which is destined to fail, going against Nature’s “iron laws” of integrality.