Covid came to save us from ourselves

Question from the Internet:

“Is mankind going to disappear because of covid?”

I think it is the opposite.

Covid came to help us to save ourselves in time before we blindly self-destruct.

The Covid pandemic is like a crucial lesson — if we choose to learn from it.

The pandemic has shown how desperately helpless we are to solve truly global problems, when we blindly, instinctively follow our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective and exploitative nature.

When we evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent world where all our problems affect all of us — regardless of who we are, where we live — our inherent nature behaves like cancer and it prevents us from assessing, understanding, and solving the global problems.

Covid is not the biggest, most threatening global problem that can end humanity.

We could soon face much stronger, more virulent, and lethal plagues — combined with the antibiotic resistance we caused with overuse — not to mention the fast worsening climate change, the predictable socioeconomic collapse due to inequality and overconsumption, and of course we also have the threat of wars when leaders have no other “solutions” to get on top of unsolvable problems — of we have many already.

If we read the lesson Nature tries to teach us through Covid, and we make a collective, conscious decision to change ourselves, to change how we relate, connect to each other, how we cooperate, then we could prevent, avoid the much greater catastrophes and can start a new, this time conscious, mutual and collective human development, making ourselves similar to Nature’s fully integrated system.