Covid-19: Upgrading the Human Software

Virus as Upgrade

A virus is like a “software patch” that can change, corrupt or upgrade an operating software both in our bodies and in computers.

Blind, Instinctive Human History

So far Human evolution was completely blind, instinctive, as we have been following our inherently selfish, egotistic nature, helplessly stumbling through recurring vicious cycles as - due to the constant, ruthless, exclusive competition, success, survival at the expense of each other - each cycles run into inevitable dead-ends and we changed - by tuning the actual civilization - when life became intolerable to a sufficiently large amount of people.

In a Unique Vacuum, Chance for Review

The virus acted as if pausing our movie heading towards a Shakespearean ending, giving us an unprecedented review, overview of our past and present, providing the opportunity to prepare for the future.

The End Of Egotistic Development

Now in this unique vacuum we are we - at least a healthy, awaken minority - can already see and understand that we can’t simply waltz back into it “old life”, as if nothing happened. In the other hand we can also see that we don’t have any more, attractive egocentric, self-serving new ideology, system that could entice us to change and move forward.

Turning to Nature’s Template for Rebuilding

Moreover finally a large enough among of people recognized the perfect template we could go by, outside of our egocentric, subjective ideas, philosophies: Nature’s perfect system.

Laying Down New Foundations

Starting from initially small, closed, mutually responsible, mutually complement, fully committed “cells” - that are ready to become the pioneers of the method - we can rapidly grow the necessary global network which will become the new - this time natural, solid and conscious - foundation for a global Human society.