Covid-19: The future of Human connections

An opinion I have received on an Internet Q&A site:The thing that concerns me the most is the climate of fear that existed before this pandemic and is now amplified. We are afraid of getting close to each other. Social distancing is having a great impact on the fabric of humanity. We see beautiful acts of kindness in human empathy. The rise of solutions in this time of uncertainty is something that gives hope in humanity. But in all of this, we will, for some of us, always have a lingering fear of people. We will move to the side when walking on the sidewalk, avoid shaking hands with a stranger, maybe even avoid crowds. This is a scare on humanity…. We will survive but never to be the same.”

On one hand, I agree full-heartedly. Our society is a society of fear. Everything is moved forward by scaremongering, all our leaders in every country convince people by scaring them, threatening them, election campaigns are not about showing positive goals, directions, but scaring the public about the pros[ect of the other candidates winning.

The most lucrative businesses, activities in Human society — insurance, defense industry, legal services, leadership, health — are all built on fear.

Perhaps the distance, time provided by the Coronavirus will also help us to re-evaluate our mutual connections without which we can’t survive as a species in a natural world where life, problem-solving, survival equals connection.

Maybe we will learn what “connection” actually means, on what intentions for what goals we should connect, and those true connections do not depend on our physical closeness on one hand, and on the other hand they demand more from us than simply being next to another.

I feel at this stage this social distancing — while “locking families together” only helped us in severing the toxic, unnecessary, negative connections, alliances, unions we have building for decades, while giving us the opportunity to rebuild our families and then later use the family as the basic building block of society in order to expand the “familial” connections to wider circles.

Humanity’s survival depends on learning the true connections, true mutual responsibility, true mutual support which is based on “inner feelings”, “inner understanding”, sensing each other on a much deeper, non-physical level, sensing it “in our flesh” that we belong to the same, mutually responsible, mutually complementing Human “super-organism” that is integrated into Nature’s fully integral, interdependent system.

And that does not depend on our physical connections but on our attitude and the right, purposeful, practical educational method that can help us rise above our fears and distrust.