Covid-19 signals the start of our “truly Human" development

Question from the Internet:

“Will the covid 19 potentially end the era of humanity?”

It is to the contrary.

The pandemic gives us a chance to start our truly Human, conscious development towards our unique, evolutionary Human purpose.

Until now we have been developing blindly, instinctively like other animals, changing, progressing when intolerable suffering pushed is, following our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective and exploitative calculations.

The pandemic and other global issues will show us — and we will go through increasingly deeper, more painful blows until we awaken and understand — that in Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system we have to build a “Nature-like", mutually responsible, mutually complementing global human society.

Since we have to achieve this above and against our inherently egotistic, exploitative nature — contrary to other animals that are instinctively integrated into Nature — we will achieve our unique evolutionary Human role as a result, becoming Nature’s only conscious, integrated but independent observers, partners.