Covid-19 shows us a lesson on Mutual Responsibility

We have been talking about a “global village”, how interconnected we are, but we looked it as something theoretical even mystical, or something that concerns only the economy or financial systems.

Now suddenly we have understood what global independence means, and that it is a ‘two-way” system (actually a quantum system) where all parts are intricately interconnected with each other by unbreakable threads.

In the case of the virus, precautions do not just mean that I have to be careful as others can infect me. I have to be careful as I can also — knowingly, unknowingly — infect others. So I need to wear a mask, keep social distancing as I might already be a virus carrier, endangering others if I do not comply with the rules.

Most people ignored this all over the world, only thinking about their own protection — if they thought about any protection at all.

And what the virus is showing us has great symbolic value. It is not only in the case of Covid-19 that we have such reciprocal mutual responsibility towards one another but with everything. Each thought, decision, actions we make inevitably and irrevocably influences the whole integral system according to the laws of integrality.

By hoarding resources excessively for ourselves, by not contributing to the collective when we could, by breaking any laws, regulations that are supposed to sustain balance, an optimal state in the system immediately harms the whole.

Now we can see the damage we have been causing with the totally uncoordinated, individualistic, and nationalistic reactions to the crisis. Now we can see how much our whole Human system — which is built by completely ignoring the Natural laws of integration, ruthlessly, exclusively competing against one another, succeeding at each other’s expense — is harmful and self-destructive. This is why our system is heading towards an inevitable collapse.

How successful we will become in rebuilding Human society after the pandemic and subsequent socio-economic crisis depends on how well we learn this harsh lesson — comprehending and accepting our complete interdependence and obligatory — obligated by the Natural laws of integration — mutual responsibility.