Covid-19: Shifting focus

As we are going through the pandemic which is unprecedented in our modern times, we all want to measure its long term impact on our lives.

In order to measure this impact, to recognize it, first of all we would need to know where to look.

Most of the time we try to measure ourselves through material possessions, through the state of the economy, GDP, stick exchange figures. These days even individuals are measured by their monetary wealth, celebrity status. Then of course we also observe productivity, efficiency, etc…

This is a very misguided, artificial way of measuring anything, since we are not machines, but living, sentient creatures.

And life, emotional well-being is measured through the mutual, reciprocal, mutually responsible and mutually complement interconnections between the parts, elements of closed, integral living systems, since life, optimal development depends on the circulation, communication between those parts.

Hopefully the forced holiday, the unexpected “rehab” from the usual, 24/7 brainwashing, excessive consumption, the pause on the rat race we are locked into every day gives us an unprecedented opportunity to reevaluate our lives.

Then we could start assessing, measuring life according to the positive (or negative) connections we reveal between us, which we could not even sense before as we didn’t have time to focus on them.

This would already become a positive impact from the virus pandemic, shifting our focus, assessment into the relationships between Human beings, assessing our lives according to that.

Then whatever negative signs, mutual distrust, animosity, tendency to succeed, survive at each other’s expense we reveal, we could start to correct through the appropriate, positive means without coercion, by positive motivation, education.