Covid-19 lockdown: “If we are not careful”, we might even learn how to love…

Although the Coronavirus pandemic casts the huge, dark cloud over our lives, similarly to the experiences of other people there is a silver lining. And the silver lining has been how people started to turn to one another without the constant “noise” which has been numbing, dumbing us from the 24/7 rat race, incessant marketing, media, entertainment brainwash.

“If we are not careful”, and the lockdown continues for a while, we will rediscover that Human life is actually about the positive (or negative) mutually responsible, mutually complementing relationships between us.

Suddenly the constant chase for material possessions, wealth, fame, knowledge disappeared and we have nothing else to rely on but the connections we can build, rebuild, sustain, strengthen in the family but also with others using our advanced virtual means (as long as the internet can hold up the extra traffic).

And since we can’t escape the newly discovered connection network (especially at home) we are also forced to bring out all the skeletons from the closet, and repair the problems, imperfections, crimes we have been ignoring in our connections before. When we are locked into the same house either we kill each other or we learn how to start seeing the others in different ways, focusing on the positive aspects instead of the negative ones, finding, developing those connecting points that can hold us above the instinctive criticism, negative judgment all the time.

We have received an unprecedented, golden opportunity to learn how to build Human connections above our inherently egocentric, selfish, subjective instincts, attitude for the sake of mutual, collective survival. In this way, we can develop a completely new sense of “love” where I attempt to accept, care for the other without any instinctively selfish, egotistic distortions.

And if this new “habit” becomes second nature as time passes by, we can start to apply it to our external relationships as well virtually now, and physically later, when we “escape” our lockdowns — provided we actually want to escape.

We might find that this new life is qualitatively much superior to the blind, zombie-like existence we have pursued before…