Covid-19 is not a disaster, it is a turning point in Human history!

Question from the Internet:

“Will covid-19 become as a historical disaster?v

I don’t consider Covid-19 a disaster at all.

Historically we will look back at the pandemic as a unique milestone, symbolizing the most important turning point in Human history.

The pandemic with its restrictions, closures, by making sure that we can’t ignore, hide the unfolding global socioeconomic crisis any longer literally saved our collective existence.

Before the virus appeared we were unconsciously marching, speeding towards an unprecedented global calamity. The presently obvious socioeconomic meltdown has been brewing for decades but we tried to ignore it and cover it with different manipulations, cosmetic surgery, makeup.
But underneath we destroyed everything.

We all live in an artificial, inhumane Matrix, in a society that has no Humane values, goals, purpose. We care only about reckless, excessive overconsumption, about ruthless, exclusive competition, success, survival at each other’s and Nature’s expense.

Nations started to prepare for large-scale wars, fascism, Nazism, the prospect of world war have become very realistic possibilities.

And as this kind of existence became more and more unbearable, our solution has been mindlessly sinking into a “sub-Human” circus and bread entertainment, our to use actual mind-numbing, addictive substances.

The pandemic stopped this process, sending all of us into a unique “forced rehab”. Suddenly most things we took blindly for granted disappear and we have no other choice but to start thinking about life, meaning of life, about what direction we want or future to unfold.

At this stage we protest, we are angry, we want our “old life” back, especially as the all-inclusive propaganda machinery still urges us to do so. But more and more people realize and come to terms with the fact, that return to the previous, self-destructive, “cancer-like” existence is not an option. Nature’s lawful, deterministic, fully integrated system - that is built on “iron laws” that sustain the balance, homeostasis life depends on - won’t allow it.

We reached very sharp, unique crossroads: we either learn how to reach compatibility with Nature’s laws, integrity through a unique educational method, or we won’t have the right to survive.

It is time to learn the true interpretation of the phrase “survival of the fittest”. It is not about the strongest bully that exploits everything possible. The fittest to survive is the one who learns and implements the most optimal, mutually responsible, mutually complementing integration with others and with Nature.

With the pandemic we received the chance to take our Human development consciously into our own hands!