Covid-19: How will future generations look at the pandemic?

Hopefully, they will be feeling grateful.

They will remember the pandemic as a great turning point in Human development, allowing them to have a normal, truly Human life instead of increasingly becoming inhumane cogs, remote-controlled robots in an artificial, excessive overproduction, overconsumption society, or live in a dystopian world portrayed in movies like Mad Max or the Hunger Games.

This negative version is exactly how we live or progress toward living right now. The virus pandemic with its restrictions and lockdown paused this negative, self-destructive development, giving us a short window of opportunity to rethink who we are, what world we live in and what future we imagine for ourselves.

If at least a small, critical mass of people feel that we can’t return to the “old system” blindly, but we need to rebuild our societies, this time based on Nature’s template — keeping general balance and homeostasis through mutual integration of its comprising elements — and making mutually responsible mutually complementing Human connections the basic foundations of the new societies, then we can progress towards that time, where our descendants will look at the Coronavirus pandemic as a positive event.

If we won’t succeed to shift our development like this, then they will look at the pandemic as a tragically missed opportunity — if there will be descendants and they will have anything to look at at all…