This depends entirely on us.

The pandemic and lockdown act like a giant, global “forced rehab” for all of us. During the lockdown as time goes by most of our usual daily activities fade into the background and even disappear since the usual daily update, feed is missing.

The longer it lasts the more we become disconnected from the incessant brainwashing we are usually under from media, marketing, entertainment 24/7.

If we are strong and brave enough to make an honest self-scrutiny and assess if we actually miss those things that have stopped influencing, pressing us all the time, we could conclude that we are actually happier, more liberated, more open, more “ourselves”, capable of sensing, following our own thoughts, desires, plans as long as we have our healthy, basic, modern, natural necessities and our connections to our loved ones.

Those needs, desires that still stay with us after a few weeks of lockdown are our true necessities we can’t live without. Then potentially we could rebuild our lives based on those necessities while focusing the rest of our energy to revive and strengthen our mutual Human connections as true life, contentment arises from such connections. Moreover, with the sustainable mutual integration, we would become much more aligned, tuned to Nature’s integrated, interdependent system making our lives effortless, straight forward instead of the constant strife, the perpetual crisis we have today.

Then everything will depend on what we do after the usual “Matrix” is restarted, trying to pull us back into the usual, mindless and aimless “consumer machinery” with its “circus and bread entertainment”. Can we withstand the temptations, bribes of the machinery or we can start building a new Human system from the grassroots?

The answer will all depend on how successful we are now in building strong, mutually supportive, mutually complementing “cells”, small environments that already start operating according to new values, priorities, using the general society only for fulfilling their necessities, while building their new world on their mutual connections.

Then these small cells will become the foundation of the new Humanity — gradually drawing, rescuing everybody else — while the rest of the “consumer Matrix” will continue its inevitable self-destruction.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.