Covid-19: How can we define our true necessities through this crisis?

This is a very difficult question as we have nothing to aim at right now.

We are totally out of tune with nature’s system, we have no idea about the evolutionary process — which we keep interpreting as the survival of the strongest, biggest bully when in truth it is the survival of those who can integrate into the system by accepting others as important as oneself — thus at this stage we do not know what our true necessities are.

For decades, centuries we have been brought up, educated, influenced by society to always want more, better, constantly throw away and change what we have, and try to overdo, over-consume others as our wealth, material possessions, power, and lately celebrity status determines our place in society.

Thus in order to understand what is truly important, we would need to start with a clean slate and understand the natural system and the evolutionary process first, so we could identify our place in the system, our role and what we need so we could perform our role in the most optimal way.

And understanding nature and the cause and effect process acting “under the surface” requires us to become similar to the system, match its “integration profile” by building similar integration, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation between people and nations. The Coronavirus lockdown gave us the necessary space and time to rediscover our families, and rebuild our connections with others using virtual means. It has been like ‘spring cleaning” when in the lack of any other activities we started to look around and we found each other in “hidden places” where we did not have the time, energy to look before.

Another important thing is that if we have to scale back, it has to happen in a way that we can’t blame others for it, we should not feel resentment for the “diet” we have to go through, as then we will constantly wait for a “return” when we can resume the previous “overconsuming” lifestyle.

In this respect “we also received help” from Covid-19.

The pandemic, the lockdown, and the ensuing socio-economic crisis will skim off most of the excesses, unnecessary things in our lives. Even now, during the quarantine, we can already get used to life without the usual rat-race, constant rush to get the latest, best, “must-have” things for ourselves. The 24/7 brainwashing through media, marketing, and entertainment industry is switched off mostly, even our favorite sports stars disappeared from our lives.

Ad I dare to say, we do not miss any of it. Ok maybe a little, but we also feel that life is actually possible without this “circus and bread” craze we have been living in for all our lives.

Right now many people are worried about their jobs, income through the coming crisis, each family is making calculations to determine the true necessities they can, have to afford to secure a normal, healthy life for themselves. And when life restarts after the lockdown, each nation, governments will be forced to focus on securing these basic necessities to everyone.

They will also have to scale back on the “robotization” of the industry so they can secure normal jobs for everyone in order to help people feel useful members of society. The new economy won’t be about profit, productivity, efficiency, but about producing basic necessities and providing everybody with a useful, mutually complementing role in society.

In short, the virus forced us into an unprecedented, global rehab clinic, “diet” wiping out most of the excesses, surplus from our lives — and since it was done by a “non-Human entity” we all accept it without grudge. This gives us an option to examine what it is that we truly need for a normal, healthy, modern Human life.

Additionally, since we started rebuilding our mutual connections to each other we will become more and more similar to Nature, which will further help us assess what we need to live well, according to natural necessities and available resources following nature’s laws we ignored before.

If we can augment, support this unprecedented process with the right, global, integral education, we can go through the uncertain transitional period quickly and shorten the inevitable rebuilding process towards a better, healthier, safer, and sustainable global Human society.



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.