Covid-19: Escaping into the unknown — together

To tell you the truth I am not ready, as I have no idea what life awaits post quarantine.

Reading questions and answers here, reading opinions, articles on the INternet, talking to others through different channels I get the impressions that growing number of people feel, that even if we could we should not return to the life we had before the pandemic.

In terms of whether we could, it is highly likely that the ensuing socio-economic crisis will make it impossible to “turn back the clock” and continue living in the same way. After all the “old system” was already struggling, breaking, needing constant “life support” in the forms of bailout, stimulus packages, basically meaning paying for debt with debt, printing money that is worthless, driving worsening inflation all over the world.

And that was only the economy. Our modern societies — especially in the West — lost their original foundations, values, living in a crazy illusion that we can throw away everything we had before and do whatever we want. As a result, we created a “zero society” without any framework, any perceptible goals apart from producing and consuming mostly obsolete, useless and harmful products and services that we would throw away, forget the moment we obtained them.

This process drives people into personal debt, complete dependence on the banks. At the same this process also drives people into depressions, emptiness since material possessions do not provide the Human fulfillment, contentment we crave, and then we turn to a mindless, brainwashing entertainment or the almost freely available toxic substances to dumb ourselves into being zombies.

The quarantine acted, acts as a giant, global “rehab clinic” where we were suddenly disconnected from the inhumane “Matrix”. And after a couple of weeks of withdrawal symptoms, cabin fever we are gradually getting used to life without excesses, a life that is based on healthy, modern Human necessities. At the same time, we received time to recognize our families, to repair our connections at home, and even beyond using our technological means for virtual connections.

Cocommittantly Nature within days started to repair, re-balance itself showing us the horrifying extent of the damage we cause in the natural environment which we suspected but could not see so clearly.

Thus I think, feel many, many do not want to return to the old system even if we could, like a long-suffering partner refusing to return to an abusive relationship when a sudden, seemingly random escape gives time to think about life and its direction.

But where do we go from here?!

Although many compare the situation we will experience through the coming crisis to the state after the World War, it is very different. After a war most physical structures, assets are also destroyed, and after making peace, coming out of bunkers people have a sense of hope, a new beginning, and they start rebuilding their lives in a mechanical, physical manner providing jobs, activities for everyone, they all have a common purpose of rebuilding.

But when we leave the quarantine we still have everything as we had before. We did not achieve anything, there is no new peace, hope, we do not have a common hope, goal. We did not conquer, defeat anything, we were all “held at gunpoint” by an invisible, global, non-Human enemy. Some try to stir conspiracy theories to identify culprits others can hate, turn against, but I do not think they will work, as there is no true basis for them. We all suffered and still suffer from the pandemic both physically and economically.

So we want to escape the old life but where do we escape to?! What common goals, activities can we find that can guide us in this unprecedented situation? The usual means of mind-numbing entertainment, brainwashing we usually use to escape such questions, doubts probably won’t be available for a while and even if they were they would have lost their efficiency for a huge mass of people. The quarantine built in us immunity against them, we are not stupid children any longer who can be hypnotized by movies, royal families, celebrity news and soccer games.

We need a qualitatively higher goal, purpose to work towards, we need to figure out our role in life, why we are called Human beings, how we could fit into Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system we ignored so far, whose laws we constantly broke and thus kept on stumbling from crisis to crisis.

But one thing is certain after all the lessons of the pandemic. Whatever we do, we will have to do it together, through mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, since it is sharp a samurai sword that by constantly ruthlessly competing against each other, constantly trying to succeed, survive at the expense of others we will continue to march towards self-destruction.

Thus we have to escape towards our unknown future collectively as a single species, building our new world together, in agreement, compatibility with the iron natural laws among which we all exist.