Covid-19: Changing worldview to change the world

Someone asked me if my view of the world has changed as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. I would say that the pandemic has reinforced my already present view of the world, namely that we evolved into a globally integrated and fully interdependent system where we all became 100% mutually responsible for one another.

As a result in order to become able to solve our mounting global problems — and there are no local, national, regional problems any longer — we need to build unprecedented, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation above our inherent differences and instinctive mutual distrust, animosity.

If we needed any further proof, we have received it from the completely disjointed, uncoordinated, inadequate responses from individuals and nations which made the problem only worse. Everybody was simply following their “own bellies”, many times changing policies, restrictions, directions from day to day, week to week, making calculations only about how to survive at the expense of others.

And there was no leadership, proper advice thus Trump’s reaction — withdrawing funds — to the WHO is actually justified. All existing “global” institutions — UN, UNESCO, WHO, etc — have proven themselves completely incapable of understanding, implementing the global situation, instead being captured by petty politics, bias, serving selfish interests of a few.

If we want to survive in this global, integral world we would need to completely rethink what existence in such an interdependent system means, how we could build true mutual responsibility on a global scale.

And for that, we need a unique, purposeful, practical educational method and completely new institutions, a completely new socioeconomic system, as the old one has become obsolete and harmful. Those who built it, and still lead it are dinosaurs from an individualistic, egotistic, exploitative, exclusively competitive era which brought us to the brink of self-destruction.

Thus we need new ideas, new values and new directions to reroute our present path and start a new Human development above our inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative reflexes, instincts.