Covid-19 changing the system of governance in the world

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readMay 13, 2020


Outdated, incompatible Human system

People are wondering whether the system of politics, leadership, governance would change as a result of the pandemic causing unprecedented upheavals in the world.

I think our concept of government and the fundamental ideas of governing will definitely change, not only because of the coronavirus pandemic but also because of millennia of historic experience.

The Covid-19 virus did not do anything new, anything extra. It simply highlighted our actual state, showing us a brutally honest mirror with the self-reflection we cannot ignore any longer.

The writing — that our socio-economic system is unsustainable and is heading for total collapse — has been on the wall for decades. But now the unprecedented restrictions, the almost ridiculous, totally
unscientific, uncoordinated reactions, responses individuals, readers, so-called experts had to the pandemic made our sorry state so sharp that we cannot ignore it any further.

Unsustainable, Self-Destructive Economy

It is very clear that from an economic point of view an artificial, excessively overproducing, overconsuming system that squeezes the last drop out of both the Natural and Human resources for virtual profit for a few is unsustainable. Even the trillions of freshly printed, empty dollars cannot resuscitate a system that has basically been dead for a long time. We have run out of the road long ago heading to the cliff which the virus brought to our doorsteps.

As a result in the forthcoming days, weeks, months businesses, banks, stock markets will fall like dominoes while unemployment will affect several billions of people. The multiple bubbles of debt, the absurd inequality in each society is now consuming itself

Thus a new system is required that is based on Nature’s balance and homeostasis — living on modern, healthy, natural Human necessities and on available Natural and Human resources with fair distribution to all.

Egocentric, self-serving governance that is blind to global integration

And in terms of governance, nobody can fool anybody any longer that there is living, working democracy in the world. It was corrupted a long time ago with the increasingly self-serving political parties that serve the interest of the lobbies, interest groups that line their pockets. Perhaps the US is providing the most colorful, at the same time the most shocking circus, but there is no country where the situation would be any better. And if there are still countries where people can voter relatively freely with minimum relatively minimum influence, interference from the media and entertainment industry, people desperately try to bring in fresh, untried, and thus uncorrupted faces, who will quickly conform to the system as the well-oiled corruption sucks them in.

The coming crisis will blow away the present establishment together with the economy and financial institutions — without any need for revolutions, uprisings, leaders, experts resigning, running away themselves. Anybody who is part of the present class of political elite has no clue about how to behave, lead, respond in a globally integrated band interdependent system we have evolved into.

The usual individualistic, nationalistic, self-serving, self-justifying reactions — we could also observe during the crisis- just make everything much worse, setting up cataclysmic events, leading to seemingly inevitable wars as they have nothing else in their repertoire — as history proves.

Thus we will have to build completely new societies, new governance, and economy from the grassroots, basically starting from zero. This time instead of the misguided, delusional, inherently egocentric, subjective Human calculations we will have to use Nature’s perfect template on global, integral connections, problem-solving.

A new Human system built from below based on Nature’s blueprint

A perfect, safe, equal, and sustainable Human society needs to be built on small, mutually responsible and mutually complementing environments, that can solve most of their local problems through unique, methodical cooperation.

Then such small environments can merge forming ever-growing, larger circles that converge into a national decision-making body, that is assembled from independent representatives from the circles, environments that make decisions on a national level, all-important issues, while also sustain global cooperation, connection with other nations.

This, of course, requires a completely new, global/integral upbringing, education as such a system is almost unprecedented — although the original Nation of Israel had such a system in the period between the 2 Temples with the Sanhedrin as the top, national-level advisory, decision-making body. Of course, a similar system needs to be adjusted to our modern conditions, circumstances.

This is just an outline that will become clearer, constantly adjusted as we start to implement it. But most importantly we need to discard everything we invented, conjured up before, all our political ideology, philosophies, mystical ideas, and start building on Nature’s perfect blueprint since we also exist in nature’s system thus its laws are obligatory for Human beings, for Human society as well.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.