Covid-19 changing the hierarchy of needs

Question from the Internet:

“How has the corona pandemic changed our hierarchy of needs?”

This is a very important question pointing at the “revolution” the pandemic has initiated.

So far we identified the purpose of life with the instinctive and social desires of food, sex, family, wealth, power, fame, and knowledge. But Covid-19 with the quarantine and the ensuing, deep global crisis has put us into “forced rehab”.

At the moment we are all going through terrible withdrawal symptoms. We are demanding back “what we deserve” — what decades of brainwashing made us believe that we deserve. And in this anger, the frustration we want to blame, we want to pint fingers, we want revenge for what we have lost — after all, we have lost our “purposes in life” and a Human can’t live without purpose!

Thus we have two options now, which also gives us our first true free choice in Human history.

  1. We can go with the instinctive frustration, anger and protest, riot, try to change leaders, governments even go to war to clear new markets, reduce Human population as some suggest and sleepwalk into mayhem, global catastrophe as a result.
  2. Or we could study Nature’s system and its evolutionary plan in greater depth — not in order to exploit it as we did so far, but to actually know the system we exist in — and find our predetermined, unique, evolutionary Human role, purpose in it.

Then we could use the pandemic purposefully, as a helping hand from Nature’s system, opening a path towards our true Human purpose by removing the fake, harmful misleading goals, values we have been working for, making efforts for so far.

Finally, we can justify us being “Humans”, creatures that can act and exist above basic, blind instincts, consciously becoming partners with Nature above and against their inherently egotistic selves.

As a “side effect” of course by going with Nature as partners we can also solve our mounting global problems and secure the modern, healthy, natural necessities for all, acquiring the ability to prevent any future crisis situations, threats to our survival!



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.