Covid-19: Are we going to return to our cozy prison cells, or we want to try true freedom instead?!

Anybody who saw the beautiful movie, The Shawshank Redemption, can remember the notion, that long term prisoners don’t actually want to leave the prison as they cannot readjust to normal life, they fear it.

In another movie, “The Matrix” there was the character who wanted to replug himself into the lieful, exploitative system saying “ignorance is bliss”, as the illusory Matrix felt better than the real, raw life where one has to make real decisions, real actions without the frill, spice of the artificial system.

Thus even if started to understand that our old life was exactly like a prison, a real-life “Matrix” — with its incessant brainwashing, modern slavery making us hapless, passive, blind cogwheels in the excessive overproduction, overconsumption system that destroys our Humanity and the natural environment our life depends on — many still want to automatically return to it as it least it is “the devil we know”.

Human beings abhor changes, we move, change only when our present state becomes intolerable or there is such an attractive, better option ahead of us that we give up our comfort zone (prison cell) and embark on the unpleasant changes to reach that hoped-for reward.

So whether we revert back to the original routine or are ready for a change depends on how intolerable the old system looks now from the vacuum of our “forced rehab”, and how successfully we can make a potential, new Human system attractive, desirable enough.

In order to create this attraction, we need a unique, purposeful, practical educational method, “positive propaganda” that can explain to people — while also providing positive examples and immediate emotional impressions — how a Human society that is built on positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation can raise us to a qualitatively much higher, safer, peaceful and sustainable, collective Human existence.

In that new system, we will be able to try real freedom, liberated from our inherently selfish egos and its limitations, of course, it would also give us full responsibility for our actions. Thus we would need to become mature adults since freedom does not come without responsibility. But this is what being Human beings is about!

(The negative motivation pushing us out of our cozy prison cells will come by itself, as our “old/present” system will continue to sink into an unsolvable crisis with or without the virus…)