Covid-19 as an agent of true Freedom

Many people feel that the restrictions, extraordinary measures we have to accept due to the Coronavirus pandemic is stripping us off our freedom. I think it is the opposite. The virus gave us a chance to obtain our true freedom in life!

Actually we haven’t been free at all so far, as all through Human history we have been blindly serving, following our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature. This nature has been driving us towards excessive, artificial exploitation of others and the natural environment, this nature makes us succeed and survive at the expense of each other.

This is why Human history is the chronicle of the ever-increasing, intensifying ego leading us through recurring, worsening, vicious historic cycles, each civilization being built on the ruins of the previous until another inevitable civilization-ending explosion.

The unique pause, “forced rehab” the pandemic provides, for the first time we can rethink our lives, our path of development, the values, foundations Human society is built upon. In a situation similar to pausing a movie, we still have time to make a free choice — which choice we never had before — to try rising above the blind, instinctive, hormonal development entering a new era of Human evolution.

Through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method in small, “laboratory-like” environments we can learn, practice how to exist outside of the inherently egotistic, subjective bubbles we are born into. We can acquire a completely new, selfless consciousness and perception of reality through the desires, needs, and viewpoints of others in these purposeful, mutually supportive environments.

Then we could finally experience what true freedom is when I can exist, attain reality without any self-concern, selfish calculations, totally disconnected — as if cutting an anchor, umbilical cord — from the ego, even above the subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion.

This is something we can achieve here and now if we use the opportunity provided by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, pause.

(Interestingly the pandemic is “playing out” at the same time when Jews all over the world celebrated the Holiday of Passover, which, through a symbolical story explains the very same process of escaping the rulership of the “Ego-Pharaoh” towards freedom, the ability to live selflessly, with the help of unique blows against the ego)