“Convincing” the 1% to join in building a new, equal, mutually responsible Human society

Most people understand in the new situation, that we have to rebuild Human society on new foundations, on mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections while we scale down to a lifestyle according to natural resources ad available resources. Still, the question remains, how the so-called “1%” that benefited from the old, exploitative, unequal system would agree to such a new way of life?

They won’t have any other choice. At the moment they are still like those who dance on the deck of the Titanic while it is sinking, refusing to accept that our present system is unsustainable. But the Titanic keeps sinking and we must not forget that it will the 1% that will lose the most when our own “Great Depression” sets in.

If there is a new society growing from below — lead by a unique critical mass that starts building before the old system completely collapses — those who eventually jump off the sinking old ship can climb in the new rescue boats. In the end, even those who are most stubborn and want to hang onto the collapsing system will have to save themselves.

This is a simple survival reflex.

The next question will be how to make sure that nobody tries to corrupt, distort the new society the same way it happened each time before in Human history. That depends on the right foundations, the right education, societal values that permeates that new society. When people clearly understand moreover feel that their personal interest, the personal benefit depends on the mutual connection, cooperation, on keeping the common boat sailing in the right direction, everybody will follow suit, finding their most optimal place, purpose on the boat.

At the end of the day, we are motivated either by advancing towards pleasures or by escaping suffering. Now we know that the “old system” causes suffering while we can learn and actually, tangibly feel through a unique educational method that will build the new society, that through mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, keeping the balance and homeostasis Nature’s laws demand from us we will have a better life.

As long as the positive reward from keeping the laws of the new society (by that remaining compatible with Nature’s system receiving positive reinforcement from Nature) together with the fear of suffering, collapse we caused with the “old system” outweigh our inherently selfish, egotistic instincts, we can sustain the new society.