Question from the Internet:

“How can I contribute towards society?”

Personally, I contribute to society through publicizing a unique scientific, educational method, that can help us understand ourselves more, help us see why we are at present incompatible with Nature’s lawful, fully integrated system, and how we can consciously, proactively, methodically change ourselves to reach compatibility with Nature — through, willingly, mutually integrating with each other.

Besides — together with many thousands of others — I already started implementing what this method teaches, building new, mutually supportive, mutually complementing, mutually responsible communities all across the world above and against our inherently selfish, egoistic tendencies — without suppressing, canceling anything.

Without this method we will continue our blind, instinctive stumble from one vicious historic cycle to another, falling from one crisis to another, fighting ever more destructive wars for superiority and scarce resources until we self-destruct and a handful of survivals would need to start again.