Connecting Above Our Differences

Question from the Internet:

“Would you live in a world where everyone is the same?”

Such a world would be unliveable without any flavors, without any tension, dynamic. Unfortunately, this is similar to what certain, “modern and popular” ideologies try to achieve, forming individual and national identity-less, gender-less, homogenous zombies, so they could be manipulated, controlled through a singular media, entertainment “Matrix” while consuming from a single, global market.

But our individual uniqueness cannot be suppressed, canceled. And every such attempt will only draw violent rebound reactions and the usual, helplessly recurring vicious historic cycles.

Instead, we will need to learn how to build a unique, single, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing, living, multi-colored, multi-cultural human “mosaic”, where each individual, nation, culture can find their own unique, irreplaceable, mutually contributing place. We need to learn how to build true peace, Nature-like integration above and despite our differences, diversity.

The tension, the dynamic between the vast, seemingly irreconcilable differences, rejection, and the unity, connection above them will provide us with a completely new, qualitatively much higher sense of life, existence.