Conflicts are good for development — if we learn how to use them constructively

Question from the Internet:

“Is conflict good or bad for the development of humanity?”

Conflicts, arguments, debates, disagreements are the engine of growth, development. And our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, proudly individualistic nature provides ample opportunities for such conflicts, arguments, debates.

But if we do not know how to handle, harness, channel the conflicts, arguments, debates in a positive, constructive way, we get Human history with its helplessly recurring, vicious historic cycles, with the constantly recurring civilization-ending explosions, with unnecessary suffering and endless crisis.

We can see how much even through this blind, instinctive way Humanity progressed, developed as a result of the Human ego driving us. So we can imagine what growth, a development we could be capable of, if we could consciously, methodically control, channel the conflicts, arguments, and debates for positive, constructive, collective goals, purposes!

For that, we need a unique educational process that could help us rise above our blind, instinctive egotistic tendencies and start consciously cooperate above them, covering “crimes” with “love”, using our individual uniqueness, egotistic tendencies for building a unique, multi-viewpoint, multi-faceted collective intelligence.