Completely changing job market after Covid-19

The pandemic and the evolving socio-economic crisis will completely rearrange the employment market, as in general, production, consumption will be restricted to essential production, essential services to fulfill the basic necessities of people.

It will depend on the sensitivity, and common sense of the governments in each country, how soon they will realize that we can’t pour money endlessly into the usual surplus, luxury industry which people simply don’t need and can’t afford.

Thus only those jobs will remain that are related to the essential products, services people need for normal, healthy, natural Human life.
Which will render 70–80% of the working population jobless.

Thus a complete reorganization of Human society will be necessary to provide even those who don’t practically take part in production with useful, mutually complementing activities, for which they can receive suitable salaries for that can cover their basic needs.

Such activities will be aimed at building, sustaining the positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human connections, cooperation which will become the true backbone, most important commodity of the new Human society.

After all in a fully integrated, interdependent world everything starts, depends on our connections, cooperation.