Communicating Peacestion from the Internet:

Question from the Internet:

“What is the importance of communication to instill peace among individuals after learning its definition, nature, process, and functions?”

Communication is very important. But what and how we communicate is much more important.

After all, we have never communicated more than we are doing today. The data, information upload today’s generation has to digest, cope with is unprecedented.

But does this communication instill peace into individuals?!

It does not seem so. We are more hateful, ruthlessly competitive, separated, and fragmented than ever. This incessant, selfish, exploitative, and manipulative communication, influence drives us towards conflicts and wars and poisons the youth with all sorts of artificial, inhumane ideas, directions.

In order to instill peace into individuals and society first, we would need to change the values, norms, goals communication is built upon. We would need to change our intentions, the attitude through which we relate to each other.

Instilling peace means we understand that peace, mutual connection, mutual responsibility can happen only above and against the remaining, moreover constantly growing differences, instinctive distrust, and rejection.

Then we will be able to communicate how in what way we can build the peace our collective survival depends on in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system.