“Climbing The Ladder to Freedom” — Humanity’s 125 steps from Corona into 2021

A new story from my dear friend, Ernest Itzkovitch from Toronto:

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again !”

This article actually starts upside-down, means prior start reading — please watch the video about “The Black Bear Mother & Child”.

I hope you enjoyed this clip — because this clip, as per my personal opinion, explains better than any other program Nature’s Laws.

Let's recap together what we have seen together (you may have different/additional points to add — and it’s O.K and acceptable)

1. There is a snowy steep hillside that Mother Bear is teaching, demonstrating and encouraging her child (small bear) to climb

2. The top of the hill can not be seen/concealed from the bottom, and the peak is revealed only when Mother bear reach/attain it

3. The child (small bear) is trying to climb the hillside a few times and find a bypass route after slipping from the peak to the bottom

4. Mother Bear does not help or pull her child (small bear) to climb the hillside — just watching how her child makes an effort to climb

5. Mother Bear was waiting until the child (small bear) climbs from the bottom to the peak independently and jointly walk together

What is the reason to write an article on this clip about Mother Bear and her child “Climbing the Ladder to Freedom”/ to the peak?

The answer is simple — it’s an article dedicated to my Great Friends from Hungary and Czechoslovakia when a few individuals from different areas, countries, and backgrounds — found each other “by chance” and decided to establish a “Group of Friends”.

Slowly but surely, these Friends started to collaborate together and started to study “The Laws of Nature” a unique method to study and advance/attain together. Spreading the word from “mouth to ear”, more local and other Hungarian speaking individuals from all around the world (from New Zealand, Israel, Canada, and from The Carpathians also) — started to listen to their unique materials.

After several years, these Friends become closer to each other, the Hungarian Group started to grow and expand gradually

ending up with dozens of new Friends introducing their activities, such as Morning lessons, Gathering of Friends, and Group events.

The most challenging period — was at the beginning, when New Friends joined the veteran Friends and the attempt to find a common ground and language, allowing every Friend to be equal both with rights and responsibilities, like Balance with Nature.

Do you recall/remember the video clip of Mother Bear and her child?

This is the best “Integral education” model and opportunity that Mother Nature gives to Humanity as a result of the Coronavirus.

Today is May 24, 2020 — the Corona Lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted worldwide and several countries are still coping with relatively high rates of new COVID-19 cases and barely managing the Social Distancing and wearing the face masks in public.

The change is here — it depends if I am ready to change and you are ready to change? Because if not, nothing will really change.

C4G — is Connecting for Good — this is the method of my Hungarian Friends who “reached the peak of the steep hillside” or in other words they were “Climbing the Ladder to Freedom”, attaining a New Level/Degree of Connection as an example to Global Humanity.

If you will think about the purpose of your life — past, present, and future — you may like or share these links below. Enjoy your time!