“Chill-pill” won’t be enough, we need a brutally honest mirror

Opinion from the Internet on solving Humanity’s present problems:

“I’m looking for more ideas then just benefits that having the power of love and learning the laws of kindness! I figure that I have reached or am close to reaching a complete understanding of what the laws of kindness have to offer and I’m not even close to becoming one with the universe or considered an enlightened being! I’d say that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE should just take a chill-pill and slow-down so they’re able to realize just what’s all gone into making their day-life better…”

While I agree with you on the overall direction, I think we need something “stronger” than “chill-pills”.

After all, if it was that simple we would have taken the “chill-pill” and started connecting to each other as we should, especially now during the pandemic and the evolving crisis which we cannot solve without global cooperation.

But we simply cannot let go of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, and distrusting instincts, we can’t stop wanting to succeed and survive at each other’s expense as this is how we are programmed by Nature.

And until we recognize that it is this program that drives all of us without exception we will continue to want to change, regulate, correct others while justifying ourselves in any given condition.

Thus looking into a brutally honest mirror with the help of a unique, purposeful method in a safe environment is necessary, so we could immediately start correcting, upgrading ourselves. Otherwise, we will have to wait for even greater blows, crisis and imminent self-destruction for intolerable suffering and very real fear from extermination will force us to do the same!