Channeling our instinctive competitive spirit

Question from the Internet:

“Is our competitive drive driven by social standards or biological makeup?”

Our competitive drive originates from our inherent nature, which is fiercely individualistic, self-centered, self-justifying. Our self cannot tolerate being left behind, being smaller, weaker, less than others in any respect. And as we are social creatures we constantly measure ourselves to others, this is why succeeding, surviving at the expense of others makes us much happier, content than simply succeeding, surviving.

As a result, our societies are already built accordingly, reflecting our “inner program”.

This is why we cannot change, improve society with any of our usual means like politics, economics, social ideologies as they are all based on the same “inner program” in each of us.

If we want to change anything, if we want to channel the irrepressible competitive drive towards positive, constructive, collective goals, purposes, we would need to “upgrade” this “inner program” first through the appropriate, purposeful and practical educational method.