Changing the world is possible only by changing the Human being — ourselves

Question from the Internet:

“How and why should we change the world?”

On one hand the world we live in is broken, helplessly sinking into crisis, and our desperate helplessness to solve our mounting problems increases each day.

On the other hand there is nothing we should, can change in the world. The more we try changes, “solutions” through politics, economics, social movements or applying force, inciting wars, our problems only multiply.

It is not the world that needs changing but it is the Human being that builds and uses the world that needs changing!

We are all born with an inherently egocentric, self-serving, exploitative, “cancer-like” nature, the only difference between us is the size, intensity of the destructive ego. This difference divides us into “elites” and masses, leaders and followers, creating social layers, etc. But we all have the same nature!

Thus the only solution for our seemingly unsolvable problems, the only way we can avoid a seemingly unavoidable global self-destruction, is by changing ourselves - all of us - through a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method.

Only the changes that are achieved through positive motivation, where people take part willingly, without any coercion, misleading propaganda will become true, sustainable charges. And only the right upbringing, education can achieve this.