Changing the world for the better — by changing ourselves to the better!

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readAug 6, 2020

Question from the Internet:

“What does it mean to change the world for the better?”

This is a very important question, which first of all opens another fundamental question: does the world need changing for the better?!

I mean from our point of view - I assume you see the same world I do right now - it seems we definitely need to change the world, as it looks chaotic, crisis-ridden, marching towards seemingly inevitable self-destruction.

But the question is: do we see the world correctly, is it truly “bad”, needing correction, or perhaps we see it incorrectly, falsely?!

This question is not unfounded.

We have known for a long time - especially since quantum physics opened it even further, completely scientifically - our perception of reality is totally egocentric, subjective, moreover the moment we observe something we change both what we observe and we also change ourselves!

We can say that our inherently introverted, skewed consciousness and perception locks us into a “personal world” which we detect, experience according to our open “filters”, qualities.

Perception, observation - even the function of our sensory organs - depends on a certain level of similarity, equivalence of “frequencies” between the observer and observed.

Which means that we can detect from reality only what we have similarity with. Whatever we like according to our own, egocentric, subjective viewpoint we determine as good, whatever we don’t like, we consider bad, unpleasant or even evil.
And since we mostly don’t trust what’s, who’s different from us, and due to the subjective vision we keep stumbling from problems to problems, crisis situations to crisis situations - both individually and collectively - our life experience is negative as we keep fighting against one another and against Nature in a seemingly hostile world.

And since we all experience life like this, Humanity - regardless of governing, economic or social systems - is in constant chaos, while history is a helplessly recurring chain of recurring vicious cycles.

At the same time the Natural system we are born from is in perfect balance, although again from our own skewed point of view we think there is a constant war of survival going on, while the “survival of the fittest” means that only the most brutal, strongest predators can survive, evolve.

If we saw Nature from within - as a few, unique, empirical Natural scientists did after achieving similarity with Nature’s system - we works understand how perfectly Nature is balanced, how through its circle of life is organised in a way that the predators and their pray, all the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels intricately complement, control each other constantly sustaining a fragile homeostasis life depends on.

We could achieve the same unique vision in relation to Human society.

We can actually learn how to “defocus” from the present broken, chaotic, crisis - filled picture we see in order to “peek behind the scenes”, observing, understanding the intricate connections, cause and effect processes that generate the picture we see right now.

If we understood those cause and effect processes and how purposeful they are in order to achieve balance and homeostasis, and to guide the whole system - including Humanity - towards a most optimal, final integration, perfection, then we could stop resisting whatever is happening with us, what we at present identify in a negative way.

We would be like cogwheels in a vast, fully integrated mechanism, that - in the lack of understanding about their role - try to resist, oppose their role, trying to turn oppositely compared to the system’s direction, constantly opting out of the synchronicity; that suddenly let go of that resistance and start moving, following together with the mechanism.

In practice we can achieve this “insider” observer viewpoint on a unique environment, with mutually committed, mutually supportive, mutually complement others.

Through multiple excercises with the help of a very unique methodology we can learn how to bypass our immediate instinctive criticism, distrust and rejection of others and aspire to experience, perceive reality their their desires, needs, viewpoints.

In order to do so we need to develop a special importance, appreciation of those others that can neutralize the instinctive rejection, negative judgement.

This purposefully, methodically generated positive emotional relationship towards them - making them more important than one’s instinctive self - makes it possible to exit the inherently limited, distorted, dark personal cocoons we usually observe reality from, as this positive mutual emotional field - generated in this special environment - removes the instinctive self-justification, self-protection, distorted filters.

By this new ability of bypassing the instinctive picture, focusing “beyond” the usual picture our inherently egocentric, subjective perception paints, “behind” the others - like behind the usual “cruel” picture of Nature we see - we can detect a completely different, perfect network of forces, that all combine to sustain the all-important balance and homeostasis that in turn creates, sustains and nurtures life and positive development for all.

And since we start from the original distorted, limited, egocentric, subjective view, against in contrast to it we can verify, justify the perfect vision, a prevent world we methodically learned to see, experience in a tangible, realistic matter.

Thus in short, changing the world for the better means changing ourselves, our attitude towards the world and others - and by that our perception, experience of the world - for the better!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.