Changing society for the better — by changing ourselves

Question from the Internet:

“Why are social groups lumped together these days in such finite categories of good and bad?”

We can clearly see that whatever we are doing does not work.

We have tried, experimented with all kinds of governing, political, economic, and social structures, ideologies and we failed in all.

And since we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, and subjective nature, consciousness, perception of reality, we try to find someone to blame for our collective failures.

So we identify those who are very different from our own egocentric, subjective viewpoints as “evil”, while those who are a bit closer to our own egocentric, subjective viewpoint we identify as “allies” — until we start blaming, rejecting even these “allies” since they are also different, alien from our own 100% egocentric, subjective viewpoint and constant self-justification.

This is the origin of the presently rampant politically correct dogma, cancel culture, this is behind the constant attempts to “sacrifice” the “evil people”, the “rotten apples” in society so the rest of the “good people” could get on with their “good” lives until at the end nobody remains — only the selfish ego that justifies itself at all cost in any given circumstances.

The only true solution is for each and every person to recognize their own selfish egos in themselves — causing all the distorted, misleading attitudes towards others, driving the false, negative assessments of others. Then as a result we can change ourselves — instead of changing others or the world around us — and build new interconnections, cooperation above and against our inherent nature.

Of course, at first, we have to do it in small, purposeful, mutually supportive, and mutually complementing environments among those who are already sensitive and willing enough to try this. Later these small “cells” can become the new foundations for new relationships in a new, improved human society.

Then we will see that there is nobody, nothing that is good or bad, but everybody and everything is exactly how they should be, and all we have to do is finding the right place and function for everything and everybody in the otherwise perfect system we exist in.