Changing, Rescuing Humanity through a “Critical Mass”

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readApr 26, 2020


Humanity in Crisis

While our “old/present” socio-economic system was heading for an inevitable decline, collapse, threatening us with a crisis like the Great Depression and even World Wars, the Covid-19 pandemic woke us up from our sleepwalking towards this catastrophe, sounding loud alarms all over the globe.

Even the most stubborn people who can hardly wait to rush back to our blind, instinctive system — back into the 24/7 rat-race and brainwash about excessive consuming being our life’s purpose, and that we measure everything through material possessions, stock exchange, and GDP performance or celebrity/A-list status — admit that we need changes in Human society in order to prevent even greater problems that are lurking just around the corner.

But what and how to change, that remains very much in the air, which is not surprising.

The Root Cause of our Historic Failures: Us

After all the recurring, vicious cycles in Human history were built on honest attempts to change Humanity through different philosophies, ideologies, governing, and economic systems. The fact that we have failed each time — and that we failed again even with using liberal, parliamentary democracy, and free-market capitalism — means that there is a fundamental flaw in this all we haven’t yet identified.

So, unless we can identify and correct this fundamental flaw, whatever we try now will be futile.

The present crisis is crucial, as now many people started to suspect, even identify this fundamental flaw. The reason we have failed with all our attempts at changing the world, all the systems we use is that the user itself is “faulty”. It is our own inherently selfish, egocentric, individualistic, and greedy nature that has been driving us towards self-destruction through excessive exploitation of each other and Nature.

Thus the key to finding the ability to solve our mounting global problems, the key for our collective survival is changing, upgrading our own inherent software.

A Unique Method in a Unique Environment

But here lies the true difficulty. How can one change oneself, how can one change, upgrade software by running on the same “faulty” software?! Only Baron Munchausen could lift himself up by pulling his own hair!

Thus we need a very unique, purposeful, and practical educational method which can teach us how to use the inherent ego to help us rise above the same ego, harnessing, channeling its immense power for positive, constructive purposes instead of its instinctive, cancer-like direction.

And we need a special environment, society of people who are willing to implement this method on themselves, so by that they can become the pioneers, special pulling force that can redirect Human history towards a better, positive, constructive path.

The method is built on creating an environment where people mutually commit to arranging a unique “mutual guarantee”, a “Nature-like” mutually responsible and mutually complementing connection network, where they each aim at primarily fulfilling the needs, necessities of the others according to the viewpoint of the others without any egocentric, subjective distortions, calculations.

By this they, on one hand, provoke the resistance of their inherent egos, on the other hand through the positive examples they show each other — by the instinctive positive envy, desire for respect, wanting to receive more than others — they pull, push each other forward.

The key element of the method is that with such efforts they also recruit nature’s invisible but all-encompassing evolutionary force that governs the whole natural system, driving towards most optimal integration.

So when people consciously, unconsciously align themselves with the direction, plan of evolution acting towards mutual integration, they suddenly feel as if they were “given wings” and their efforts become successful despite and above the ego’s constant resistance.

The Positive Critical Mass

It is impossible to change Humanity all at once with its 8billion people. But as certain studies suggest, any given society can be changed by a “critical mass” that can be as small as 10% of the given society, environment.

Moreover, we also know from history that in order for changes to become successful, sustainable, we can’t use coercion, scaremongering, misleading propaganda, violent public actions as those changes will be short-lived, inviting on themselves even worse rebound reaction later.

This is why we need the above-mentioned method that applies positive motivation, positive examples in contrast to all the negative examples, frustration and depression we experience in the general society today — which will get only worse now when the socio-economic crisis deepens.

Laying the Foundations of a Better World

Thus the sooner we can build small “cells”, environment based on the unique educational method that fine-tunes Human connections, networks to become aligned with nature’s network, the faster we reach the necessary “critical mass” that can become the positive pulling force, the faster we can redirect Human development and we will be able to significantly shorten the uncertain, potentially volatile transitional period between the end of our collapsing present civilization and the building of a much batter, safer, more equal and sustainable new civilization that will raise us to a qualitatively infinitely higher, collective Human existence.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.