Changing quantitative growth to a qualitative one

Opinion from the Internet about growth:

From the beginning of time until now, growth was the measure of the success of a society.
Considering that we’re 7.8 billion it appears society’s been incredibly successful at growth so far.

Yes, you are right, and we can’t develop without growth.

But all signs point to the fact that we will need to change our previous/present society exclusively quantitative growth to a different, mostly qualitative one.

Until now everything was about quantitative growth, we measure everything through that, who is bigger, stronger, more clever, wealthier, what the GDP is, how many products we sell, what the Stock Market index is, who broke world records, how many championships they win, how many likes, followers we have on social media, etc.

With this reckless growth we have reached a critical threshold where Humanity is on the brink of self-destruction like cancer that cannot stop.

When childhood is over the previous quantitative growth in our bodies stops, giving way to maturation, to a qualitative growth process.

It is as if Humanity didn’t receive the memo from Nature’s evolution that our childhood is over, playtime is over, we can’t consume, destroy, change and rebuild everything as our undeveloped, childish, egocentric mind tells us, but now we need to grow up and become responsible adults.

Nature didn’t force us towards this transition because then we wouldn’t have free choice and would become like any other animal in the planet, instinctively, blindly boxed into Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system where a fragile, constant balance and homeostasis is maintained by Nature’s strict, unforgiving laws.

We, Humans, are supposed to learn those laws by ourselves — from Nature through the appropriate education — and take upon ourselves to adapt to, sustain the balance and homeostasis by our own efforts, fully consciously.

Only then will we merit to be called “Human" (“similar” based on the Hebrew origin of the expression) — creatures who grew up and became similar to Nature purposefully, by their own conscious efforts, above and against their original, blind, reckless, childish nature.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.