Capitalism is the only system that suits our inherently greedy nature

Question from the Internet:

“What is the point of capitalism, should not capitalism support humanity, rather than being supported by humanity isnt it just greed?”

The economic, governing, social systems we use are the external expressions of our Human nature and the state of Human relationships.

Capitalism is the most suited economic and social system that fits our modern — maximally egotistic, self-serving, narcissistic - nature, that thinks only about itself and pursues excessive overconsumption, ruthless, exclusive competition.

We are all the same in this, but the hunger, the willingness to sacrifice ourselves and others to get what we want is very different in people.
This creates a pyramid structure in Human society, where the peak of the pyramid — the most selfish, egotistic in society — exploits the rest.

We don’t have to force Capitalism on people, it evolved naturally. It is true that when inequality becomes too great, intolerable, people protest and suggest different system like communism, but such a system is against Human nature and after an initial “honeymoon period" it can be sustained only through oppression, terror.

This gives the helpless swinging between the “right and left"we can observe all around the world, which helpless swinging slowly pulls us towards self-destruction.

There is no solution on the political, economic, social level since the problem is not there but it is inside is. Changes will only come when we start changing, upgrading our own greedy nature, our tendency to succeed at each other’s and Nature’s expense.

And that is possible — without any coercion, misleading, oppressive propaganda — only through the right, purposeful and practical educational method. Only when we adjusted how we relate to each other and to the world in general can we build a Human society with the right political, economic, social structure that is fair, equal and sustainable.