Cancel culture as a helpful symptom of our human disease

Question from the Internet:

“Is cancel culture fostering an unforgiving and knit picking society or clearing the way for something better?”

“Cancel culture" is just one of the many symptoms of our terminally sick human society.

We are fast losing any logic, all the values, foundations previous human societies were built on, as our inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative and subjective nature devours everything - at the end devouring itself.

But if we recognize our own inherent nature behind all the symptoms, and we accept that we all need to purposefully, methodically, consciously change ourselves for the better - instead of constantly trying to change others and the world around us - then these negative symptoms can help us build something better.

By changing ourselves in a way that we become able to build Nature-like, selfless, mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconections, cooperation - like individual cells of the same body - we can elevate our collective human existence to a qualitatively much higher, crisis-free, safe and peaceful level.