Can we truly change ourselves and connect above differences?!

Opinion from the Internet about connecting Humanity on a global scale:

“I really feel that reaching mutual integration in Humanity impossible. It’s a nice thing to hope for but I am certain that it will never be unless there was only like 100 people left alive.”

I can fully understand your disbelief, especially when we look at how people from leaders to the people of the street behave these days, especially when problems arise.

On the other hand as I wrote we simply have no choice in the matter.

Unless we learn how to connect, cooperate on a national and later global scale, we won’t be able to solve any of our problems, then due to the increasing tension, frustration, societal breakdown the usual instinctive reactions will kick in, we sleepwalk into a world war and reach your “ideal scenario” of only a handful of people remaining alive.

On the other hand we don’t need to build the “idealistic” (Natural) integration all at once, within 8 billion people. It is a gradual process and we only need to reach a certain “critical mass” that is about 15–20% of each, actual society, environment.

Then these pioneers can guide, pull others towards safety while the general, global society continues to sink into unsolvable crisis, making more and more people sensitive, softened, willing to go through the necessary changes.