Can we reach, research and understand “God”?

An opinion from the Internet:

“You had me on your New Age gobblygook until: “This is obligated by Nature’s strict laws and principles — or you can call them the laws of God it does not matter.”

Nature’s laws are set in stone by God. Nature requires no adherence. God only requires the discipline to accept and abide by His laws as an act of obedience in appreciation of His wonderful gifts.

God does not obligate us to interdependence; it is a requirement of men! When the rules of interdependence created by men become corrupt by their leadership, independence and freedom GIVEN BY GOD is what must prevail.

Yours is the achievement of nirvana by cooperation and interdependence sought through socialism.

Without God, it is communism!”

You are right. As long as human cooperation and integration are done for humanity’s own sake, for productivity, to fight against others more effectively, and to exploit Nature’s resources more effectively, it is self-destructive, regardless of what we call the ideology behind it.

But when we rebuild human society to resemble Nature’s integration and interdependence, in order to complement Nature’s balance and become its cooperating partners, then it becomes something else, we can even say “Godly”.

What is religion?

It is an attempt to fill that vacuum in our perception, where we sense that we exist in a lawful, deterministic system based on a single set of laws and principles, developing according to a single plan, but we can put our fingers neither on that force nor on the plan.

Science tries to prove it differently, trying to find a “Theory of everything” with a missing particle, or missing mathematical formula that can make an all-encompassing model work. But they fail.

So religion comes up with the idea of “God”, a force or personality that can fill that vacuum and then religion forces people through fear and an elaborate tale of reward and punishment to blindly believe in that singularity and follow its laws — which laws diversify and multiply as times goes on since we are missing the absolute standard so our inherently egocentric and subjective nature distorts and corrupts it more and more.

Science also reaches a dead end as the same inherently egocentric and subjective human mind tries to capture something that is not limited by our limitations and distortions like time, space or motion.

We can see what religions and sciences together achieved in the last 2000 years, pure destruction, ruthless colonization, manipulation exploitation and control of others. And this has to happen since blind faith cannot serve as a foundation while sciences cannot bring us the absolute standard we can build on either.

This is why unique, empirical, natural scientists tell us, that we can use Nature’s perfectly balanced, life-giving and life-nurturing system as a standard. We can use Nature’s fundamental laws — that govern the seamless, mutual integration and interdependence that leads to homeostasis which is the basis of life — to come to a completely new sense and perception of existence through our mutual connections.

Since we have to achieve this consciously, willingly, above our inherent nature, the new mutual and collective, Nature-like sensation and consciousness can be verified and sustained through that contrast between how we are born individually and what we can become together as a single Human system.

As a result, we not only can become Nature’s only conscious internal observers and researchers but by sensing Nature from within we can also start sensing that singular force, the source that creates and sustains life behind Nature.

As you said “God” put His laws into Nature, thus by becoming like Nature, flowing together with Nature’s harmony we can trace that flow back to the very beginning in a clear, tangible and realistic way. We can use Nature as the intermediary between us and this single, creating force.

No need for blind faith, no need for fearmongering or any of our arbitrary and completely baseless ideologies or religions. We all connect back to the same, single root without any confusion. But this cannot be achieved by a single individual with our inherently egocentric and subjective minds and feelings. It can be accomplished only bya single, “Nature-like”, mutually integrated and mutually complementing Human “super-organism” with its collective consciousness.

And we do not even need to die for this, but we can come to this realistic, tangible, “visceral” sensation here and now!



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.