Can we leverage capitalism for the greater good?

The historic problem with capitalism

As Humanity discovered through history, capitalism is the most fitting economic system to our inherent nature that is instinctively egocentric, self-serving, operates on an insatiable desire for fulfillment, profit for the self.

Fitting the capitalistic Human into “Communist” Nature

The unique problem we have is that we have the egocentric, individualistic Humans with “raw capitalistic nature”, that would need to fit into, adapt to Nature’s system that is “communistic”, where each element selflessly, unconditionally serves the collective.

Practical education

As soon as we understood, moreover we feel through the practical part of the method this interconnectedness, mutual responsibility, when we grasp the individual health, survival, prosperity is directly tied, dependant on the health, survival, prosperity of the whole, we can start practicing capitalism through mutual guarantee.

A gradual, “unlikely” process

This ideal state is the result of a gradual process through willing participation, positive motivation, without any coercion or misleading propaganda, brainwash.