Can we leverage capitalism for the greater good?

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 4, 2020


The historic problem with capitalism

As Humanity discovered through history, capitalism is the most fitting economic system to our inherent nature that is instinctively egocentric, self-serving, operates on an insatiable desire for fulfillment, profit for the self.

What we also discovered though is that when we allow capitalism to act without restraints, in its raw form, it causes great inequality, constant exploitation of others, open or hidden slavery.
And all the restraints we have been trying are inadequate, incomplete, easy to overcome. And since these restraints are coercive we don’t accept them and always find a way to overcome, corrupt them.

As a result our societies are unstable, going through inevitably recurring vicious cycles, when we instinctively rebound towards systems that are opposite to capitalism - based on equality, artificial mutuality, trying to create uniform societies as if people were all the same - which also fail inevitably, as they are against our inherent nature.

Fitting the capitalistic Human into “Communist” Nature

The unique problem we have is that we have the egocentric, individualistic Humans with “raw capitalistic nature”, that would need to fit into, adapt to Nature’s system that is “communistic”, where each element selflessly, unconditionally serves the collective.

So is there a way of adapting the “raw capitalistic” Human into “communistic” Nature without coercion, without suppressing out insatiable desire for more, without impending our competitive spirit?!

Fortunately there is a very unique educational method which can do this. This educational method can first all help us all understand that whether we want it or not we are all sitting in the same, global boat and we either “sail or sink” together.

Practical education

As soon as we understood, moreover we feel through the practical part of the method this interconnectedness, mutual responsibility, when we grasp the individual health, survival, prosperity is directly tied, dependant on the health, survival, prosperity of the whole, we can start practicing capitalism through mutual guarantee.

This means that I still work as before, try to use my optimal ability to achieve profit, success as much as possible - though within the optional, natural parameters of natural necessities, available resources - except that it is not for my own sake, but for the sake of the whole collective. For this I receive the appropriate, accurately measured salary that fulfills all my necessities and allows me to continue my contribution to my best abilities to keep the mutually complementing flow going, like cells, organs of the body keeping circulation, communication alive.

And each and everyone does the same, each according to their own abilities, receiving their fitting salary.

Just like in any system there will be smaller, larger cogwheels both in terms of their contribution and their salaries. But each will be considered equally important since even the smallest cogwheel can break the system if not working properly.

A gradual, “unlikely” process

This ideal state is the result of a gradual process through willing participation, positive motivation, without any coercion or misleading propaganda, brainwash.

People will join in as a result of seeing the old/present socio-economic system self-destructing, and getting immediate positive feedback, reassurance, success when entering the new process.

I fully understand that from our present viewpoint this all sounds like a utopia, or some revised Communism, liberal idealism, but it is none of those. This is a system that combines our instinctive Human nature and Nature’s laws of integration we need to comply with in a scientific, methodical way.

And the more we align ourselves with Nature’s laws the easier and more “natural” the process will feel, become!

Other than that there is no proof in advance, as they say “the proof of the pudding is eating it. The negative motivation will come whatever we do from the increasing crisis, further blows as long as we try our already used methods we already failed in again and again.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.