Can WE become better people as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic?!

People feel the need for change

Many are wondering if we could use the lessons of the pandemic to become better people.

The answer is not as simple as we would think. We think that people - including ourselves - are bad, selfish, egotistic, wanting to survive, succeed at the expense of others.

And when we look at societies - for example how everybody reacted to the virus epidemic, how people are now ignoring the gradual return to normality breaking all barriers as restrictions are eased - our opinions could be justified.

Evolution gave us our inherent program

But we are actually not at fault, since we are born with selfish, egotistic instincts, with a software that drives us towards ruthless, mutually exclusive competition, survival at each other’s expense. We had no free choice about this, we can “blame” evolution for our inherent nature if we want (although why we are born this way is purposeful as everything else in evolution).

Thus I can’t become a better person by myself, nobody can.

We don’t need to become better people, we are who we are, how Nature “created” us. We are like single cells that try to survive in a hostile environment around us.

If we want to be better - because we understand that by living in the usual, inherently selfish, egotistic way we won’t survive in a globally integrated, interdependent world - we can do that only together. This is the uniqueness of Human evolution, allowing us to become “truly Human”!

From Single-Cellular to Multi-Cellular at Our In Request!

In the earlier states of evolution single cell organisms developed into multi-cellular ones for a more predictable, successful survival it happened instinctively, driven by evolution’s plan.

But for us evolution left this decision in our hands, giving us the free choice no other organism in Nature has. This free choice will elevate us above animals, defining us as truly Human, a conscious creature that can act above, against inherent instincts, “single-cell survival reflexes”.

Becoming better means building unprecedented, mutually responsible, mutually complementing, selfless Human interconnections, where we switch from the original, instinctive self-serving, self-justifying, subjective calculations to calculations for the sake of the whole collective.

This is not an automatic process since we have to go against the selfish, individualistic, instinctive ego. Thus we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method which can awaken a free, conscious, voluntary need in us for the evolutionary upgrade, actively drawing, harnessing Nature’s evolutionary force that can complete our development at our “conscious request”.

This is a very tangible, realistic, scientific process which gives control over our fate, survival into our hands.



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