Can we actually research, perceive reality objectively?

Question from the Internet:

“How much do policymakers rely on researchers and research study results to help them to make the best decisions?”

They do rely on, recruit experts, scientists, experts to form their opinion.

The problem is that they find, recruit experts, scientists that support their own subjective and egocentric ideas to prove their point. Moreover, experts, scientists are sponsored, endorsed, supported thus their “expert” opinion I also influenced subjectively, egotistically for money, for recognition, respect, for different prizes.

None of them are evil or criminals, we all blindly follow our inherently subjective, egocentric, self-serving, and self-justifying nature, we simply cannot act in any other way.

If we wanted truthful, objective opinions, viewpoints, both ourselves and the experts we rely on would need to exit our inherently introverted, limited, and distorted bubbles.

Only when we learn how to become totally, truly selfless, making calculations without any subjective, egocentric bias can we observe, research reality as it is.

And that is possible only with the help of a unique, unprecedented collective consciousness, intellect, where each individual dissolves into the mutual “cloud” absorbing, accepting the opinions, thoughts, viewpoints of others. Then the personal observer that was cleaned, washed of any personal viewpoints with the help of the thoughts, opinions, viewpoints of the others will become able to see the world clearly, objectively.