Can we actually destroy Nature?!

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readApr 25, 2020

Humans seemingly destroying Nature

When we look at all the harmful activity we have been doing to Nature, squeezing all of its resources for excessive, useless overproduction and overconsumption just to increase some statistical numbers and profit for a few, the subsequent Ozone hole, the air pollution, climate change, the insane amount of rubbish in the oceans, the extinction of plants, animals we are causing the mind-boggling deforestation, etc…most of us would agree that it seems we are recklessly destroying the planet that is our home, that gives us life.

There are many movements, activists that are warning about this, urging us to change our relationship, attitude to Nature before it is too late.

Nature is Indestructible

Then Covid-19 happened. And we have learned something shocking during the few weeks of lockdown, quarantine.

The moment we have withdrawn our destructive, excessive activities Nature immediately started to recover, regaining balance. Even animals thought to be extinct reappeared, seismic activity of Earth’s crust lessened, there were indications that elements of climate change reversed, even the ozone whole reduced in size. The most polluted waters around industrial, touristic zones started swarming with fish again, in places where this generation has not seen the blue sky it became blue again, smog disappeared, animals roamed the empty streets.

It turns out we cannot actually destroy Nature! The natural system is much more perfect, resilient, flexible than that. The moment Humans give a little space it immediately heals itself and returns to that space provided, even after such catastrophes as Chernobyl.

On the Path of Self-Destruction

So who are we causing harm to, who do we destroy?! Only ourselves!

All the activity, our “war on Nature” causes harm only to Human beings. It is us who become sicker, lose our lives, assets to natural disasters, processes we ourselves cause, initiate. It is we who lose hope in the future and become more and more empty, depressed, angry, and use different substances to numb our minds the more we “progress”, consume.

Nature is patiently waiting. It does not need to “punish/destroy” us, it is not threatened. Its system is based on a deterministic evolutionary plan, and “iron laws” that govern the balance and homeostasis life and optimal development are based on. And as we have observed it has an infinite capacity for recovery.

We punish, destroy ourselves by ignoring, going against the natural laws that govern the system. It does not matter how great, intelligent, developed we think we are. As long as our “Human laws” are against the natural laws keeping balance, we are on a path of self-destruction.

The pause, “forced rehab” the pandemic has caused caught us in the 11th hour before our own civilization-ending explosion, following Humanity’s usual, recurring, vicious historic cycles. This unprecedented pause — which affects the whole of Humanity at the same moment in time, suffering from the same “non-Human” enemy, forced into the same corner — gave us a unique chance to think, reassess, evaluate who we are, what world we are building, what directions, goals we are pursuing.

It is clear that we need to change, but what is it that we need to change?!

Finding the Root Cause

For activists who protect nature, from people who belong to Green parties it is clear, we need to change how we relate to the natural system around us. Others suggest we need to change our political, economic systems, we need to change Human society.

We have tried all that before and we already know the results.

Our harmful relation to Nature, the failure of our political, economic, and social ideologies, systems are just the symptoms. The root cause of the “Human disease” is the way Human beings connect to each other.

Due to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and individualistic program we all feel separated, rejected from others. While from systemic, Natural point of view we all belong to the same species, within the same natural system as individual cells of the same organ, body, we want to exist succeed and survive against each other like cancer.

We are a developing cancer, foreign body within Nature, this is why we are harmful to its system, this is why whatever we come up with and implement (in politics, economy, sciences, education, societies) is doomed to fail — due to our incompatibility with Nature’s laws.

And nothing will change unless we learn how to correct our interconnections, “rewiring” the communication, circulation channels between us, resuscitating the single, mutually responsible and mutually complementing “Human superorganism” we once were before the Human ego started growing in us, separating the “Human cells” from one another.

“Returning to Eden”

The Natural system we exist in is perfect, it is the true, Garden of Eden. We are like the “proverbial Adam”, being cast out — more precisely leaving on its own volition — this perfection as a result of the incessantly growing, developing Human ego making us more “knowing”, “intelligent”, to believe in our own omnipotence, superiority above everything and everybody. We dressed ourselves into our own “royal clothing”, surrounding ourselves with our metropolises with their skyscrapers, with our invincible machines and technology, planning to conquer and colonize other planets, going “to infinity and beyond”.

And then the tiny, invisible virus caught us with our pants down. We have become frightful little children, like headless chicken first proudly declaring our all-knowing solutions, then running in any direction we could following our gut reflexes, blind survival instincts, individually, nationally, against one another, against ourselves.

The virus pointed at an “Emperor with no clothes on” and with a single stroke also wipes out our excesses, obsolete production and consumption to give us a second chance to start again.

Thus now that we are humbled and “naked” again, we have a chance to return to Eden, provided we understood that all our problems originate from a single cause: that we do not know how to integrate with each other and thus we remain incompatible with Nature. If we understood and accepted this we have the right, purposeful, and practical educational method that can lead us towards “natural perfection” through the perfect Human interconnections — above and despite everything that separates us, reject us from one another.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.